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11/16/2022 c24 1Aurelius - Rivensbane
I wonder if there's going to be a resonance of sorts if Aphrodite/Ishtar approaches Shirou... imagine if Rin's Ishtar comes out
11/16/2022 c24 ramul
11/16/2022 c24 Guest
Really wish you would focus on one or two stories at a time. Having to essentially reread a whole story whenever you update because said stories last update was six months ago is getting annoying.
11/16/2022 c24 GladiumDamocles
well things going to be spiceys
11/16/2022 c24 3rick12
So Aphrodite has blessed/cursed Athena to have romantic affection for Shirou? That's going to be hilarious and troublesome. Angry Goddess noises. Nice.
11/15/2022 c24 superpierce
was expecting Perseus.
11/15/2022 c24 Bucio
I admit to being confused, so is it Ishtar or Aphrodite?, whatever, so it's her through her shells who is pestering Arturia, with Caliburn protecting her from her influence (hopefully Athena realizes it's the shells and gets rid of they)

While Athena meets her, and in an oversight is affected by the authority of Ishtar; while Arturia, Shirou and the others, deal with what appears to be another Heretic God

It could be, one, that Shirou with Rule Breaker (and Enkidu), frees Athena from what AfroIshtar did, or two, and giving credibility to the previous deductions of the Goddess of Wisdom, with Arturia using a Command Seal, in Athena to return her to normal, with a furious Athena seeking revenge on her "dear sister", further being supported by Arturia and Shirou, for AfroIshtar's attempts to manipulate Arturia.

That and being curious if Aphrodite's Ishtar form is like FGO's, that is, similar to Rin, and Shirou's reaction to this.

Good luck and keep it up
11/15/2022 c24 Seeking the Miraculous Dream
I really do hope Arturia gets in the action, it's about time that she stops being a damsel in distress and be the badass King of Knights she always is.
11/15/2022 c24 Journey to the End
Ishtar is here... well things are going to be more chaotic now. XD
11/15/2022 c3 2Noreen I-shi
Why u don't update Akame ga Lill fic?!
11/15/2022 c24 Tobeeornottobe
lmao "angry goddess noises"
11/15/2022 c24 PasiveNox
nice chapter great
11/15/2022 c24 3Gojosin
Well, that's going to be a thing that's going to probably go poorly for someone.
11/15/2022 c24 Guest
Another great and hilarious chapter. As always looking for the updates.
11/15/2022 c24 keybladelight
Aphrodite well hope shirou has a anti thot noble phantasm or imagine his lover saber before that crazy love goddess go to shirou she better stay away from him or god hope master Artoria use caliburn to that goddess. I prefer rin ishtar than campione ishtar.
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