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for Harry Potter: Ultimately Ordinary

6/30/2022 c1 7Very Small Prophet
The areas in which Harry’s gifts are significantly above average are entirely physical: flying and dueling. Harry is a gifted athlete, but is otherwise entirely ordinary in his abilities. He should never be an Auror. His ability to defeat Voldemort was due to their unique magical bond. He has no such advantage with other dark wizards. He should be a professional Quidditch player.
1/25/2021 c1 Crest1
I'm confused... what is this supposed to prove? That Harry still swallows all the crap Snape spouts hook, line and sinker?
1/14/2021 c1 3Ferm
Ha. That was really interesting! Tom was really good. It's a shame, I think Snape could've been 8 if he lived long. Albus' 7 seems to be mostly due to the limitation he places upon himself wrt dark arts. Thanks for sharing!
12/20/2020 c1 Guest
12/15/2020 c1 dragonc825
Huh, this is not something I would see Book!Snape doing. Interesting.

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