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12/2/2021 c5 Ronnie11
plz uodate
11/2/2021 c6 51shinChan
Awesome dude plzz update
7/29/2021 c6 1Khaing Mie Mie Oo
Thanks for your story. I have enjoyed reading all 6 chapters. You have really good ideas it seems . Please do update regularly.
7/28/2021 c1 Khaing Mie Mie Oo
I like the concept of this story. But you would need to work on writing to be honest. Sentences are too long . It needs appropriate paragraphing. I hope you can improve further in your writing
6/16/2021 c6 Guest
Thanks for the chapter! Like the knowledge of how the Africans use wand less magic!
5/6/2021 c6 randver
Ok way to open up the chapter with a basket load of warm and fuzzies. The fact that Rons closer to his brothers now more than ever speaks well of them. It could also mean something much, much darker. Maybe Mad eye isn't the only one to be concerned about Ron in Slytherin and they wont soon forget his "falling" excuse the first day after his sorting.

Flying lessons were interesting. Ron showed right off that he has honor by not allowing a back attack by a dishonorable foe. that in and of itself speaks highly of his character. Word like that WILL get around especially if certain gossip girls like Padma and Lavender were present, which I can't see why they wouldn't be. A Slytherin with honor? will wonders never cease.

The duel was fantastic. Very well done. I think Draco might have learnt a lesson about not doing proper research on an opponent before facing them. Plus Ron just firmly cemented his position that he's not like other Slytherin and fights against bullies, all in all this duel went very well for Ron's rep.
The scene back in the boys room was great. Rons not subtle in the slightest, no ambiguity just straight up "are you two bigoted like Malfoy" but at least now the boys know where they stand on the basics at least and can build on that.

The little interaction with Ms. Greengrass shows she has a small spark of interest in Ron now. Lets see what becomes of it.
Now that he's in the DA club with Harry he's expanding his own influence. The Carrows and Warrington are both influential within Slytherin and IF Ron can land on the quidditch team or better yet look at their play book and come up with some new strategies his star will rise even more and he'll have a blast doing it. He's a bit small for the Keeper job right now but maybe reserve if nothing else.

Love the chapter and the story over all.
Looking forward to the next installment.
5/6/2021 c5 randver
Ok sorry it took me forever to review but better late than never right?
So far Ron seems to be winning friends and influencing people despite his best efforts. People are attracted to competence and a strong work ethic which he readily displays. The relations with Ms. Greengrass seems to be off to a solid foundation at the least.
Now herein lies the conundrum. Moody warned Ron about Snape due to his DE past and so he sent Ron to Flitwick, Flitwick sent Ron to Snape but Moody doesn't know that and Ron has no reason to not take the training but this does break the chain of secrecy moody was trying to keep so that Ron could be shielded. Snape WILL find out because he's going into Ron's head like a quick dive into a swimming pool. He's going to find out all about Ron's training so the question is will Ron being a Slytherin protect Ron or will Snape revert back to type and wallow in his own pettiness by letting it slip that Ron is Mad eyes apprentice?

He's making more and more inroads and getting his name out there thanks to Cedrick study groups. If nothing else he's getting his own name and reputation out there amongst his house. I wonder what Malfoys been doing other than losing points?

The meeting with Mad eye was great. I wonder just how many Aurors come from Hufflepuff? I'm amused that Mad eye was a puff same as Tonks. It didn't surprise me a bit that Arthur and Molly weren't around, sure Arthur was working but you'd have thought Molly would at least be present long enough to hug her son but I'm sure she had more important things to do like spoil her only daughter. I swear if it wasn't for Mad eye this boy wouldn't know what love or attention even was. I'm very happy that Allister wasn't a bigot and that whole "all Slytherins are evil" crap didn't wash with him.

I love Flitwick, he's a competent but gentle teacher. He read Ron's discouragement and fixed it with long practiced ease and patience. I think those two are going to have a great relationship.

great chapter.
4/29/2021 c5 Arissan
Contente de trouver un nouveau chapitre. Haye de lire la suite.
3/16/2021 c4 randver
I just found your story and really like your take on Ron.
It fits so well with the cannon Ron from the books. according to JKR Ron took off in the Auror academy because he found the subject interesting and was a natural at it.
What you've done is simply given his mind the outlet it needed earlier in his life and had someone actually care about him instead of ignore him. The results should be astounding.
I love how you've brought out Mad-eye and made them student and teacher. I'm not surprised that the other teachers are so eager to help after all if they didn't want to pass on their knowledge they wouldn't be teaching, still it's every teachers delight to have a eager willing student instead of one that disregards the material and sees no value in it.

I'm following along now and look forward to the next installment. The troll in the bathroom will be a very fun chapter to read.
3/5/2021 c4 marvelrogue
please update
2/13/2021 c1 odd sparrow
fix your punctuation
1/10/2021 c4 Raphael Barton
love the story can't wait for more chapters
12/31/2020 c3 CopyCat777
great chapter
12/17/2020 c3 MomiWolfie
very interesting. like it very much.
12/15/2020 c3 Arissan
Waawww, j'adore cette histoire, Ron en duelliste avec Alastor comme mentor , c'est géniale. Ron est mon personnage préféré, donc merci pour ce début prometteur. Vivement la suite.
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