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for A Curse Marked Fate

12/27/2021 c21 James Birdsong
Good chapter.
12/12/2021 c20 YukineKaze
thank you so much for the new chapter! sorry, i'm not really in the mpod to review details, but like always, it's beautiful!
12/7/2021 c20 Reikuwu
Woah, I think I’ve gone through every dcmk story on your profile now. I guess no more binging for me, and I’ll be happily awaiting more updates to your fics! Also, what happened at the girls school lmaooo
12/6/2021 c20 43Alshoruzen
Aside from the magic, I can totally see this as a DC episode. I look forward to seeing where they go from here.
12/4/2021 c20 msjbird
Kaito and Shinichi are a great team! This was a fun chapter to read. Thank you!
12/2/2021 c20 James Birdsong
Good tale of course!
11/15/2021 c3 1Feeling Schadenfreude
So anyways I was kinda apprehensive about reading this at first, but it is SO much better than I was expecting. Everything is just... so good! The way you clearly establish the setting, situation, and characters, is just outstanding! Nothing feels rushed, either, like you're taking your time to unwind a unique story that I just have to read more of the further along I get. Your writing is deliberate and purposeful, and easy to follow. You include details that may not be completely necessary (or maybe the are) but give a better view on the entire story, making it more than just a smooth road from point A to B, but a textured and unique one, one that has the important things as well as details that make this more interesting and easy to view/image. Your words aren't confusing either, and the writing is easy to follow. Absolutely so much better than I'd originally expected jumping into it, and very well thought out. I'm so glad I took the time to begin reading this piece. Thank you!
11/8/2021 c19 43Alshoruzen
Technically a rather serious conversation. Makes me think of accessibility and disability issues. Loved the moles, heh.
11/3/2021 c19 msjbird
It doesn't seem fair that magic is required for so many jobs that could be done without it! I look forward to reading about how Kaito helps Shinichi with that, as well as with his curse!

I don't think I could have whacked any of the cute moles either, but Kaito's game sounded fun!

Great chapter. Thank you.
11/1/2021 c19 YukineKaze
lmao, closing with murder? that's not suprising but i would be lying if i said it's not funny

aaahhhh maaannnnn... it's TBC already...
welp, i guess i should pay extra to my study, huh. i have thinking nothing but Kaishin fics for days already

Ms. Alaena! ur works are wonderful as always! i hope you will still keep up with the works that still unfinished or new ones that Ms. Alaena have been drafted or something. hehe, i swear i'm already reading ur works few times, especially Midnight White (it's always my fav one!)

thank u for ur hardwork! have a nice day/night!
11/1/2021 c17 YukineKaze
as much as i enjoyed everything you write, i kinda agree that i much prefer that the fic doesn't really use much of the chapters. i mean, the main story already interesting, so it kinda kills the mood if the fic spent too much for the game
11/1/2021 c16 YukineKaze
lmao Shin is really suck at acting XDDDD
11/1/2021 c10 YukineKaze
Ran adopt Shin as his son, not as his brother lmao, i approve XD

... ik become Conan really really great event in this AU, but i'm really sad that Shin has to go through this

... it's not wrong right that i'm deeply disappointed that Kaito can't recognized Shin? well okay, maybe there are few hints that he thinks about something odd about Conan, but... well, i guess that's what i get from hoping too much *sigh*
11/1/2021 c8 YukineKaze
Eeeyyyy! Agasa-Hakaseee! long time no see!

i won't tired to say this-
Awwwwww Shin-tan is such a sweetheartttt

ik Shin wasn't going to approve, but i really really hope that his act is suck and Kaito can see through him immediately
11/1/2021 c7 YukineKaze
...okay, so there's a bright side for become Conan..
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