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for A Curse Marked Fate

7/15/2021 c15 43Alshoruzen
Love the bit about the smell, heh. Glad to hear you’ll be updating the Show soon. I look forward to it.
7/15/2021 c15 Kyrell Lyn
omg I can definitely tell you that you have my heart.
7/15/2021 c15 msjbird
I love the vision book idea! I wish they were real. It sounds awesome.

I'm glad that Kaito is figuring out Shinichi's identity. I think he'll be able to help. I hope his good luck continues to cancel out the effects of the curse and they find a way to solve the book's puzzle.

Great chapter!
6/28/2021 c14 msjbird
I love the magic book giving Kaito clues! I look forward to him playing detective as they live the story. It sounds like a lot of fun! I hope Shinichi's curse doesn't spoil the game for them.
6/2/2021 c12 Alshoruzen
Glad you’re back. I’m looking forward to seeing what Kaito has planned. Loved the breakfast scene with Shinichi, Ran and Sonoko, heh.
5/31/2021 c12 msjbird
Yay! Kaito is putting together the pieces! Great chapter.
5/28/2021 c4 LittleOrangeWitch
I think, out of all fictions I have read on ff, ao3, and lofter(a Chinese site), this is the only one where Ran actually discovered the shrunken detective at the amusement park. This story is getting so exciting!
5/5/2021 c11 msjbird
It sounds like an amazing place to visit! It was so nice of Kaito to spend time with Conan. I kept hoping that Kaito would somehow recognize Shinichi, but with what he said when he gave back the book, I guess not. I'm looking forward to the next chapter! Good luck with your busy weeks ahead. I hope all goes well for you!
5/4/2021 c11 2Yumi Edogawa
I loved the magical theme park! It was fun picturing everything and imagining Kaito and Shinichi's interactions.

I'm sure Shinichi was very surprised by Kaito's response to him trying to return the book. It certainly seems like Kaito hasn't figured anything out yet, I wonder if he'll figure it out faster than Heiji did?
5/4/2021 c11 jayfeather63
Loved the chapter! The squirrels were adorable and I love the fantasy concepts. Kaito and shinichi’s hangout was super cute. I’m super curious how much kaito has figured out from the interaction. But Take care! And no worries about the late update. Take as much time as you need :D
4/25/2021 c10 43Alshoruzen
Love the part about the stuffed animals. It would be pretty hilarious in retrospect, but I can totally see how it would be super creepy at the time. And the eye beads, heh. It’s very Kaito somehow.
4/24/2021 c10 1Chibiterasu
Its always a treat to read your stories. Super excited to see where this goes!
4/22/2021 c7 PipeDreamPrayer
4/22/2021 c5 PipeDreamPrayer
Its bizzarre but facinating to see Shinichi as Conan with everyone important around him fully aware and helping set up ways to keep the secret
4/22/2021 c4 PipeDreamPrayer
I was just gettibg excited about Shinichi and Kaito seeing each other again at the exams bc ofc Kaito is one of the high schoolers doing it, and then BAM Conan is introduced in such a similar yet totaly different way to canon!
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