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for A Curse Marked Fate

3/21/2021 c8 msjbird
Will KIto recognize Shinichi once they start talking? I hope so! Good chapter. I look forward to Sonoko and Makoto meeting, too!
3/13/2021 c7 47Alshoruzen
Ah, I did wonder about the dog. So that’s why it was there. I look forward to seeing how this goes. I hope they meet Kaito again soon.
3/11/2021 c7 jayfeather63
Such great plot building! Thx so much for this chapter!
3/8/2021 c7 2Yumi Edogawa
I'm happy to see Ai show up! It certainly took a lot of courage to trust Shinichi based solely on reputation. I can't wait to see Kaito again too. It will also make sense for Shiho to end up with Agasa again since she does need someone with space for her to do research that Shinichi and Ran knows is trustworthy.
3/8/2021 c7 msjbird
Good plot development! I look forward to reading more. :)
3/7/2021 c6 Zeirf
Terimakasih atas fanfic anda, saya saya menyukainya,, (•ᴗ•)
2/25/2021 c6 47Alshoruzen
Oh yay, I hope they meet soon. I’m guessing the new girl’s Ai? I look forward to seeing how she fits in. I like how you’ve fit the original series points into this really different setting.
2/22/2021 c6 msjbird
Great chapter! I look forward to Shinichi and Kaito really meeting again. Kaito is such a good friend! I liked reading his perspective of their friendship.
2/21/2021 c6 2Yumi Edogawa
Kaito is going to completely wreck Shinichi's plans to keep him out of it. It'll be hilarious seeing him try and fail to keep up the façade though.

I'm also looking forward to seeing why Shiho went looking for Shinichi in this 'verse. Didn't Gin and Vodka mark him as dead? Or did they not realize? I know in canon she figured it out because the children's clothes disappeared from the Kudo mansion. Did the same thing happen here? Either way I'm curious to see how the conversation will go.
2/21/2021 c6 jayfeather63
Could it be Haibara? Yessss. I love her I interactions with Conan lol. Thx so much for this chapter! It was great!
2/9/2021 c5 3Miss Emotion
Aww it’s such a shame that Shinichi saw Kaito when Shinichi was Conan but still a great chapter! I adore Sonoko’s commentary, and Aoko and Kaito’s relationship, and how Sonoko and Ran are both helping Shinichi ️
2/8/2021 c5 msjbird
They've almost met. They obviously both miss each other. It's so close. I can't wait for the next chapter!
2/7/2021 c5 2Yumi Edogawa
Awesome chapter! I loved Kaito's perfermance.

Lol, good luck keeping Kaito out of helping Shinichi. Even if he didn't see Conan in the crown or recognize him, as soon as Shinichi returns the book he'll be searching for his friend. Seeing Conan try to hide should be hilarious.
2/7/2021 c5 jayfeather63
Happy Lunar new year! As always I loved your update. Shinichi not wanting to get Kaito involved in his shenanigans is so on point. And the brief moment of eye contact was so goodddddd. Thx for your hard work!
1/31/2021 c4 Kyrell Lyn
Wow I love your re-interpretation of canon such as Shinichi's cursed marks. It is amazing and briliant. Shinichi accepting that he won't outlive 25years with resignation made me so sad. But, 'Ran was not amused.' was so very funnyI cannot wait to read kaishin reunion.
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