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3/5 c2 divya
this chapter is really good but could use a better story ine
2/13 c1 2Bellatrixswifey
Your comments to me have lead me to deleting my story but have uploaded it elsewhere where it’s getting much more popularity, so the joke is on you.
2/13 c1 Bellatrixswifey
please explain to me how the fuck I stole your idea of a story that I made, instead of leaving me such a nasty review you could of just spoke to me like a normal person, nastiness gets people no where, if your gonna speak to me, speak to me with respect and be kind, I never stole your idea at all, you probably never had it in mind, and if you somehow magically did, sorry I got there first.
2/8 c1 Nevel
This is a shitty ass story! iCarly and Harry Potter are not in the same timeline and would never crossover! Stop this shitty ass story you piece of shit! If you delete my review, then you will rue this day! You'll RUE it!

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