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6/16/2021 c1 Meadow Dweller1
lmao, "I refuse to believe Gothel was that stupid..." I agree, however Tangled just beez like that, intense "bad guy" Gothel mama, stupid enough to keep a kidnapped princess' birthday, birth name, and-according to Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure-carried a child to term and named her Cassandra, in spite of her vanity that was her very motivation for literally everything. Anyways, thank you for writing, for sharing/posting with our fandom *hearts*
I like that you give King Fred some background, and have Eugene pull a Shakespeare quote out of his ass like it's nothing *wink* yeah yeah we all know he's well-read. Imo Rap's new name should be Sunshine, Sunshine Fitzherbert. I think she would take ownership of it. Kind of like cutting of her own hair in the show's finale, it's of her own volition and it's not done onto her, she's taking control.
Once again, thank you kindly for writing and sharing, please keep being creative, I hope our fandom can depend on you for more Tangled fics! Be well and stay safe n_n

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