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for Wretched Guardian

2/15 c6 ChadMan 2.0
MY GUY! As soon as I read about Boris... This just became my favorite story EVER BLYAT. Don't you dare not include him more. You don't have to but atleast try... Continue with the good work my friend.
2/14 c2 ChadMan 2.0
I like this story quite alot! A very new and unique spin to any story I've read before. Keep up the good work.
2/14 c6 MemeMasterAssBlaster
Ah, porn bots, the worst kind of bots
2/6 c5 MemeMasterAssBlaster
Lmao didn't even know this story got updated since it turns out my fanfiction notifications were going to the spam folder. At least I can read it now
1/22 c3 Kharnthegreatguy
Loving this so far.
1/22 c3 MemeMasterAssBlaster
Kinda hope Glass doesn't gut a hunter. Though to be quite honest it's probably going to happen
1/11 c2 Guest
At first I didn't like how he talked because I was just thinking "man this is kinda edgy and dumb" BUT it has grown on me, I kinda like his way of speaking it's actually pretty funny. I was wondering, does this main character have split personality disorder? Or maybe his semblance is just too overprotective? Because if it's the second option then why didn't it help him in his fight against Cinder and her two goons? Anyway cool chapter man and again stay safe out there bruv.
1/10 c2 MemeMasterAssBlaster
My name is very glorious, but also good work on this chapter. I wonder where our madman will journey next? Also, why did you change your name?
12/16/2020 c1 Guest
Alright I'll bite, this looks promising. Also good luck trying juggle 4 different stories, you know you could just put the ones you don't feel like working on right now on hiatus right? Well whatever, who am I to tell you how to live your life. Anyway stay safe out there comrade.
12/15/2020 c1 MemeMasterAssBlaster
I like this one, it's a new idea that I haven't seen tried before in a RWBY fic

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