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2/5 c7 Mrs Lovett
It was a great story you wrote, will there be other chapters ? :)
7/28/2021 c7 Satineselenite
This is very interesting! The slow burn Sweenett is lowkey killing me and I’m ready for them to jump on each other bones but I’m a patient girl and let me tell you I am loving Mrs Lovett and Johanna’s interactions and how close they seem to be becoming. Mrs Lovett’s motherly nature is imo what poor Johanna needs after a whole life with the judge. Your writing is exquisite and I am eagerly waiting for an update.
5/30/2021 c7 1bellovettrix
more please! sooon?! :)
5/30/2021 c7 50CalvinHobbesGatsby
Another great chapter. You should check out my updates on A Sailor Named Anthony.
3/22/2021 c6 3kornikouva
Even Johanna already observed Mr. T and Mrs. Lovett’s “secret language”! I can almost see the brewing Sweenett here. We’ll wait for your next chapter, dearest!
3/21/2021 c6 7Angelfire274
More! It’s sooo good 3
3/21/2021 c6 50CalvinHobbesGatsby
This was a good chapter. I also updated my Anthony story if your interested
3/21/2021 c6 1bellovettrix
Thanks sm for updating. I like this chapter. It's nice to see Mr. L and Mr. T's relationship in Johanna's pov.
1/28/2021 c5 50CalvinHobbesGatsby
I am loving this more and more
1/26/2021 c5 1bellovettrix
'juicy bits' ... YASSS please!
1/15/2021 c4 50CalvinHobbesGatsby
You sure know how to keep us in suspense. If anyone deserves a “shave”, it’s the great judge Turpin.
1/15/2021 c4 3kornikouva
Yay for an update! The wait is so worth it. Nellie thinking to give a performance of a lifetime is so her. I wonder how she would try so hard to mother Johanna in order to win Sweeney’s heart. Can’t wait for the bits and pieces you have in store for us.
1/14/2021 c1 15InnerBeast
I am loving this so far! I am intrigued where it is going, and being able to get in the heads of the different characters is absolutely thrilling. I love any dialogue about Sweenys nees to kill, and how Lovett is dealing with it.
My biggest critique so far is that I am kind of missing page breaks when switching scenes/heads. They really help the reader know they are going somewhere else than they were before. Can't wait to read the rest!
1/14/2021 c4 1bellovettrix
Thank you for this chapter. It always makes me happy to read a good fic. Please, more!
1/4/2021 c1 Auntie Mame
I am gobsmacked. I feel like I have a deeper understanding of the mindset of Sweeny Todd, Mrs. Lovett you really have a great flow of words. BRAVO I'm waiting for chapter 2 with baited breath
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