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for Going After Junior

6/18 c5 Guest
It sure has been a while.
Is this abandoned?
5/16 c3 guest
Please tell me you are going to make the next chapter pretty please don't abandon the story it's so important to all the readers and me that the story must go on so please do it.
5/6 c5 RapterBater
Dude, seriously. Is this ever gonna be updated? Feels like it's been abandoned already? Hope not as I'm really into it! Please consider. Your friendly neighborhood RapterBater.
4/20 c5 guest
Please update it so wonderful and amazing,
3/10 c5 S.L.W
I've always enjoyed chapters/scenes like these where we get introduced to new characters, for all the excitement of action/adventure scenes? they wouldnt mean so much without having
established characters we care about.. and we care about these characters by seeing them interact around others, and with the world around them. This is how we learn who they truly are.
How theyve grown, or how they view the world. Junior, once again in his very young life, is thrown into chaos and has his safety uprooted and taken away. He is alone, and though he thinks
himself weak at times, he shows a great strenght in finding valuable friendships that keep him going and help him adapt to the world around him. Here we see Survival of the fittest,
doesnt mean who is the physically 'strongest' , but who can build strong ties by simply looking out for one another (in this case, Junior and his friends) The.. pit? reminds me of
a tv show, Spartacus xd and in some sense these are similar, in that they are kidnapped/ enslaved, and must fight to survive, under the cruel eye of their captives who leer coldly from above.
I'm enjoying reading the other characters like Gusty , and especially Scarlet leaves you wanting to know more of her. Hagan is fun as heck and nifty to keep around too, clever addition really,
and its easy to like them from the get go lol. I was so ... absorbed in this one, i was shocked to see how quick id made it to the end of the chapter, lmao aw now I must patiently wait XD
3/10 c4 S.L.W
Another well crafted Chapter, full of fear and the great unknown , as their journey tears them from the safety of their homegrounds and out into the perilious world once again.
I ... don't know what it is tbh, but i adore Ditto immensely for some reason, he makes me laugh, in an adorable but mindlessly wicked kinda way. These scenes cover that which we see in the 2nd film, but they dont feel like a struggle to read over, because youve a great way with reformulating the story so it doesnt feel like the 'same ole thing', plus the addition of Blue eyes (wahttt a female character that isnt killed off as a plot device to make a male character be more angsty? but rather, one who is equal to? aw hell yea~" Sign me up.) gives it a newer lease of life and feels refreshing.
Again, I must praise the action sequences because usually writers make them so messy/unclear that I skim over them. Not here however. I've enjoyed finding the time to read this tale,
and I hope you stay with it. I am curious to see where their travels take us all.. and what characters we will be meeting along the way. You got a gift with writin here :D Thanks for sharing it with us all.
3/8 c3 S.L.W
This was an especially bittersweet chapter,
Juniors sisters were brave and kind little souls , protective and loving of their little brother(and each other). even to the very end. so it especially hits hard at their loss of life.. and really brings it home for how much of a struggle for life it is in the animal (or in this case, dinosaur) kingdom. Otherwise it felt like a small reprieve from the harder struggles they've faced.. Having that time to sit and reflect on the past(junior about his sister).. and to seek that past for help in the future (Speckles and his father ect) .. it was a lovely chapter, full of emotional depth. Also to see Junior have abit of a ptsd about water/drowning, poor lil guy :(
3/8 c2 S.L.W
A longer chapter to 'forgive the expression' sink ones teeth into. Alot of characters here, and written exceptionally well too considering how vastly different many of them are from one another (cold hearted villain - main protagonist - his soft spoken mate- and junior, amongst many others.) Also Action scenes are some of the most mind boggling hardest things to write correctly, but youve made the scenes feel visually thrilling and clear, gotta applaud that attention to detail that makes everything come across smoothly. Really felt the familys' stresses as they migrated, the fears and worries and challenges of what dangers and stresses lay before them.. Ngl I have some pity for one-eye , for what made him that way, but its also an interesting character choice to show how life is hard for everyone but not everyone takes away the same lessons from it, just as Speckles himself, has grown to be honorable and dignified. I spent alil time wondering 'what the heck was that giant titan creature in the sea?' my brain racking over dino species like mosasaur.. but noo this is recon we're talking about xD ofc it had to be godzilla lmaoo, nice tie in tho that got a chuckle outta me tbh.
3/8 c1 S.L.W
I haven't sat to enjoy reading any stories for quite some time now.. as I find most 'best sellers' or published books.. to be mindlessly boring..(hey, im super picky lol) As per usual however, Fanfiction will always contain fresher ideas and more interesting stories. FF Writers have that spark of imagination & flare or wonder, that well known authors tend to lose, and it can pull you right in from the get go, and i definitely was from a single chapter. Its great work, It really is. I honestly havent read dinosaur fiction before, but I reckoned, why not? and I'm already curious to see where it goes from here. Characters and setting are wonderfully presented. You are transported there instantly. As if you can see, smell and hear the story happening around you. (ive yet to see the first DinoKing) but this chapter summed it up perfectly enough that I didnt feel like i was 'missing out' by not seeing it beforehand..
2/28 c5 Guest
I think I got an idea there should be a baby Godzilla in this story just an idea it’s not up to me it’s up to you keep the good work
2/28 c5 Guest
Yessssss I love this already Hagen sound like a funny Dino but I think he should explain his past for when they bring up his family
2/11 c5 Nature Boy
What a thrilling chapter! I like the new characters. Hagen is hands down my favorite! Keep it up!
2/11 c5 13Reconzilla117
Awesome job with this! The wait was well worth it! I look forward to chapter six!
2/10 c4 RaptorBater
Dude. R U gonna update sometime soon? It’s been ages. Dying for next part! keep it up!
2/7 c1 Fearless
Tbh, I never think about this. I really love it ! Never though there would be a story where Blue-Eyes lived :x I had so many things in my head that came back from the original story lol
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