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4/7 c3 Boomatrix77
I LOVE THIS STORY, i love how they're trying to cheer up deku it's so cute but who's his father is it all for one?
3/3 c3 JustReadingFanFi
I like this, even though it's sad and kinda hard to imagine Izuku like this (which is understandable, given the circumstances). Just hope that you didn't give it up or forgot it, waiting for the next chapter!
3/3 c3 JustReadingFanFi
Come ooooooonnn! Where are the other chapters! I need this stuff, and you can't just end it in a cliffhanger!
1/22 c3 Centinela
What a mysterious mystery, keep the good work updated
1/19 c3 The Kromann
hey that's pretty good
1/17 c3 Guest
It's pretty hard to imagine Izuku being this depressed.
1/18 c3 yomunot
Oh? I wonder who
1/18 c3 PuppyCake
Is it All for One?
1/18 c3 Netonixen
This was a great chapter. I'm fine with this story taking a bit longer to uppdate because depression is a complicated and difficult thing to write well. Yet you are doing it phenomenally.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
1/17 c3 2te.nellis
1/17 c3 1avidreaded
oooh, spicy ending. Will the big reveal be AfO? Find out next time on /dragTo Save A Hero.
1/17 c3 19EmperorNefarious1
This is becoming one of my favorite stories.
1/17 c3 Nechroz
Say what now
1/17 c3 SilverLux3264
Take all the time you need to write this story. Its definitely more on the heavy side. So it needs that much more attention to detail.
1/17 c3 12RainMercury
Oh boy. They about to learn about dad for one?
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