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for Christmases in Moose Lake

12/19/2020 c1 11Jaqui The Girl Spix Macaw
awwww ... that was a very beautiful story that even touched my heart. I feel the same thing happened to me as Blu, I waited when I least thought about it, good things came into my life

I wish this one-shot was narrated from Blu's point of view to demonstrate the pain, hope, faith and spirit that everything can change. for those who want to see a beautiful Christmas miracle

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my friend. thanks for all your support on FanFiction

Happy Holidays

Atte: Jaqui
12/19/2020 c1 3RIO2Lover100
I wonder if Blu will get to see his parents
12/16/2020 c1 8Lilmacaw
Awww, was a cute story, poor Blu he was so lonely, but just as the end of the story said, good things come to those who wait, and he now had Jewel with him. And have a Merry Christmas just in case you are absent on Christmas day :b

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