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5/3 c4 353Bl4ckHunter
Well, all I can say is, typical Deadpool.
5/3 c3 Bl4ckHunter
Clint as Captain America, huh and Steve becomes Bucky here. I can see the scenario go down like this.
5/3 c2 Bl4ckHunter
Bruce leading F4? Interesting.

So Bruce becomes Mr. Fantastic, Ross becomes The Thing, Talbot becomes Human Torch and Betty becomes Invisible Woman, huh.

And Reed becoming Maestro is quite ironic, since in Ultimate Comics he became a villain called 'The Maker.'
5/3 c1 Bl4ckHunter
Interesting What-If concepts.

Jameson as Spidey is hilarious, frankly. I remember a deleted scene from SM2 where he tried the costume and him being inspired by the Green Hornet is funny. I guess Peter and Hobie became Jameson's Kato.
5/3 c4 6helpusobi1kenobi
In one Reality Peter Parker gained the powers of Nova but never became a hero after he accidentally killed the Burglar. could you show that What if?
5/3 c4 259Aragorn II Elessar
*Laughs* Hilarious, Galactuspool is awesome, loved it.
3/3 c3 scott trammell
The Avengers allied with The Hulk's Warbound,Crom and Ymir!
1/17 c1 Zorro Reynard
What if there were mutants in the world of DC?
1/14 c3 FrostHunter
What if scarlet witch and spiderman got married?
1/13 c3 ShineLucario
Good what if chapters so far I have what if idea from spiderman the animated series (1994-1998) it goes like this What if black cat had unmasked spiderman like she originally too instead of changing her mind like she did original the black cat (Season 4 episode 3) what develop between peter and her as result? Stay safe and healthy everyone.
1/6 c3 OmnipotentAbsoluteUIGodzilla
This was a fascinating What If scenario of Marvel Comics' Civil War 1 storyline with Clint's brief tenure as Captain America, forming a new team of Avengers
to oppose the SRA, Stark, Richards and SHIELD and teaming up with Hulk to defeat the Illuminati and bring both Tony and Reed to justice.
1/6 c3 6helpusobi1kenobi
well I like this idea even though I'm not a fan of Clint Barton. the comic book version that is. looking forward to more. Happy New year!
12/27/2020 c3 nightmaster000
Brilliant chapter really like how this scenario played out. Also apologies for sending in requests vy review rather than pm, i'll do my best to do so next time.
12/27/2020 c3 259Aragorn II Elessar
Nice chapter.

RIP Jonathan Huber.

This was my favorite so far, with comics Tony facing the consequences for his actions, and Clint being Cap, and Hulk doing the right thing for his justice.

Good job.
12/24/2020 c2 nightmaster000
Hmm okay got two potential ideas.

What if Osborn developed a split personality he was unaware of, with his other half becoming a hero known as the Green Goblin? Maybe think Spectacular Spider Man cartoon incarnation personality wise favorite Goblin.

What if rather than trying to become a wrestler or famous Peter Parker in his created persona of Spider-Man became a notorious phantom thief?
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