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for Affection

8/14 c1 6Shian1998
Lovely one-shot! Poor Ahsoka, felt really bad for her for her guilt and for her being touch-starved. Glad Anakin was there to comfort her. Liked his conversation with Padme as well.
12/20/2020 c1 62Kondoru
There's a lot sad about Ashoka.

She never really gets the chance to be a Togruta.

Canonically she never goes home.

She cannot speak her language though she can Dorian, notice.

And notice the way she shoos off Grogu...No attachments. How can you say that to a baby, let alone a baby with such a history of abandonment as Grogu?
12/18/2020 c1 Melon1627
This is beautiful
12/18/2020 c1 22STARWARZMYLIFE

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