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9/6 c2 Rairi Valelira
well i tried this fanfic again. yeah. no to all the stuff that will just kill him again anyways. dont remember whats with the sharingan but imagine he will be going blind like normal if you just have him slowly dying with no cure.
8/14 c1 amavgupta0
ikr it will be weird but this is for fairy tail sage latest chapter cause I already reviewed and I have this to say for it-actually scratch my first review I missed the last paragraphs, the question is how is the girl even alive like at that age the shock from the pain should have killed her or atleast send her in a coma and see no hate your characters are good but the only thing is how the girls keep blushing like school girls over naruto and it's very cringy and weird honestly like he smile at them or help them and they are red in the face, that's really really weird.
9/20/2022 c22 ghostFLIN
Excellent chapter bro continue soon
9/20/2022 c22 Dasgun
9/19/2022 c22 SolSparda36
So has itachi been gone for a week or is it two at this point, since day at elements country is a week in the dxd verse. Eh.. whatever, thou a thought just happened. Since these otusutsuki are attracted to world trees. Wouldn’t they be able to travel/track itachi’s chakra signature to the dxd verse and attack the Norse there, I mean they do have a tree there (kind of like their’s but not the same).
9/19/2022 c22 phillyitalian
Wonder how Runeas Gremory will react to Itachi.
8/14/2022 c1 Julyus27
La verdad muy interesante este capitulo como la eterna rivalidad entre albion y draig termino porque issei e itachi son hermanos me gusto la verdad
7/23/2022 c18 DungeonMaster
Use and add to the Infinite Fox story (and Naruto's harem) the girls from the Infinite Stratos videogame (Infinite Stratos Archetype Breaker), please
7/16/2022 c21 Shifufufd
7/14/2022 c21 ghostFLIN
Excellent chapter bro continue soon
7/13/2022 c21 Guest
I haven’t kept up when Boruto started so, WHAT IS A “KARAMA”!?
HOW would sacrificing Kaguya have created a Chakra Fruit, and WHY was it needed when the tree was designed to kill all life on a planet to create a Chakra Fruit?
Who is Nawaki anyways!? Is he some kind of clone of Naruto, what makes him so special for Isshiki to implant a Karama into Natalie?
7/13/2022 c21 Dasgun
7/12/2022 c21 SolSparda36
If itachi is having a blast fighting along with sasuke again. I can’t imagine what he will feel when he realizes he has niece.
7/12/2022 c21 Habu2010
Poor Rias, please continue
6/22/2022 c20 Gwynx
Not harem, just Ria please.
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