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12/20/2020 c1 26saya4haji
I adore anything with Guinana in it and I like the idea that she saw Zoe and Data coming even from this far off.

When it became clear that Zoe and Data were becoming 'intimate' in the emotional sense, even before the physical, while Zoe was so young, it would not have been out of character for Captain picard to try to protect his crew and his officer from any harm or scandal. Even if that was just with a conversation, some strongly worded recommendations or words. While the Captain couldn't do anything officially while their relationship was 'innocent' and again couldn't do anything when Zoe was of age by Federation consent laws, I can imagine Picard being inventive if he really believed seperating them was for the best. Data's work shifts becoming suddenly nsociable, him being bigged down by busy work or in an extreme, Data or Lt Harris being transfered to a more advantageous position on another ship to seperate Zoe and Data. Picard would have acted for what he saw as the best interests of everyone, he would have acted on honourable motivation; but could very easily have stymied the bond that Data and Zoe's relationshop gre from. This fic offers a nice explanation into why Picard would have taken a hands off approach. I remember thinking about this very fact in the early days of the story and thinking that maybe Lt Harris, Troi or Riker had a word with Picard. Or perhaps the conversation about Picard's concerns happened with Data but Data set his mind at ease.

The conversation with Guinana is a satisfying explanation because she has unique access to the Captain to make an appeal to him without the need for evidence or much else other than trust in her word.

Well done and thanks for sharing.
12/20/2020 c1 67MissMelysse
You did it! Awesome! I love it. And I’m honored.

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