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for Talon of the Empire: Bacta War

9/8/2021 c1 mischiefmaker
Awesome story! Do you still continue it? An has Talon any mechanic skills like Vader or Thrawn?
2/19/2021 c5 13TheShadowOfZama
Good chapter.

Talon really doesn't get a break. He gets his ships and now Mannis is feeling...depressed. Unfortunately Talon has the right of it. War ain't over and despite what it may look like they're fighting to protect all Imperial loyalists. Of course it's easy to lose sight of such things when the war seems as hopeless as it is probably looking for the empire right now and you're changing teammates as fast as you're switching underwear.

Oh well one problem at a time; he's got some extra ships and Mannis is...well I can't say better, but it's probably the best Talon is going to get for a while.

Scenes With Lani are always great, those two have such a unique relationship going on. It's also good that Lani is probably the only one that doesn't really have ulterior motives with Talon or at least way more low key ones than the others. Scenes with her are always a joy.

That said she makes a good point about a potential assassination attempt, once the Rebels figure out how his actions have influenced things. They're gonna wanna get rid of him.

Thank you for the chapter.
1/24/2021 c4 TheShadowOfZama
First off Mannis is still alive, so everyone can forget about that part of my previous review. My bad.

Alright on to the actual review now that that has been put straight.

This is as usual with your chapters, a good chapter.

Getting scrutinized by your boss after a failure is never fun, having Isard be said boss is even worse, but Talon got though it quite well in my opinion. It's clear that whilst she's pissed at the loss (who wouldn't be?), she's smart enough to realise that Talon did the best he could and if any of her other commanders had been in charge she would be down one ship. In other words she's not pissed at him really, she's just pissed the Rogues managed to do so much damage.

Hell Isard clearly realises that in terms of loyalty few would be better than Talon or even rival him.

Talon's suggestions are good, the plan of only selling the bacta and not transporting it anymore is brilliant. Neutral and pro-New Republic worlds bacta convoys would be completely off limit to the Rogues and the 'super' convoys they would still need to run for Imperial worlds would be a much bigger problem for even the Rogues to deal with. That's gonna be problematic for the Rogues since provided Isard uses Talon's suggestion that would drastically reduce the amount of targets Rogue squadron could hit and make the ones they still can a much bigger problem, whilst costing the Imperials...nothing really.

Not being able to ask for transportation costs is really not even worth a thought considering the highly inflated price Isard is selling Bacta at by this point in time and I doubt even at normal Bacta prices this would ever have been a bad deal due to how valuable Bacta is.

That said the Rogues are clever, so they will probably start trying to do something with the local unrest. If you can't hit the bacta convoys then taking the planet is amongst the only remaining options. The New Republic might not be able to declare war on a democratically elected Isard, but if a planet wide rebellion against her rule could take off? Well, that would be proof enough that Isard no longer has the support of the people.

The New Republic could then try and force her to hold new elections under threat of military intervention. They gonna have to focus more on the ground side of things, because I do think Talon's suggestion would greatly impact the amount of Bacta the Rogues could capture to combat the Krytos virus. It's gonna have to be something like that, because with all her forces still intact there's no way the natives could succesfully overthrow her.

Erisi is a master manipulator, so I am happy that Talon recognised that. Of course he didn't have much of a choice than to take the bait since he needs Tartans.

Thank you for the chapter.
1/23/2021 c4 Bountyx
Picked this up after reading the first Talon story and I’m super pumped to see this progressing. This writing is superb and focuses on the Imperial Navy and system in a way I’ve wanted for years.
The focus on the Navy and naval combat is fantastic, the battle with Rogue Squadron and the battles in the previous story possess an excellent blend of attention to the technical nature of capital ship combat, but maintain a tense unpredictable nature. I enjoy seeing the strengths and weaknesses of the various ships. The only question I have (forgive me if this is common knowledge or already explained in the story) is why Rogue’s proton torpedoes were so effective against Talon’s shields. You talked about the lack of anti fighter platforms, but it almost makes the cruiser class a waste of resources. They are just big expensive targets that can’t survive long enough to add combat power to lead a small flotilla and are much more expensive than a frigate.
The part I love just as much as the naval combat is the focus on the imperial system of governance. I like how you read into the story the reality that the system continues to exist even as it slowly crumbles against the New Republic because a network of influence, traditions and patronage. Having the Emperor gone allows the smaller warlords and Moffs to fight for influence. The idea that Imperial governance still exists but is so territorial and fragmented that it’s really is closer to a franchise operation with no corporate management to force cooperation.
I’m hoping Talon gets some big victories and is about to gather some power to rise in both the navy to become a task force or flotilla commander and more respect within Imperial circles. Thanks the fabulous story, can’t wait to see what comes next!
1/5/2021 c3 Guest
I wonder if talon will convinces the imperial remnant to produce tie hunters since those things can go tow to tow with an x wing.
1/4/2021 c3 TheShadowOfZama
Well...Talon has had his first meeting with Rogue squadron. It went about as well as expected. Then again the fact he escaped at all is a feat worthy of praise.

That said yikes the Prosecutor will need some repairs, he lost his most experienced TIE pilot (maybe the rogues pick him up before his oxygen runs out) and whilst his tie pilots will have gained some experience boy did Talon lose a lot of them as well. I guess Phantom 8 will be the new Tie commander.

All in all Talon escaped, but the mission was a massive failure. He didn't find the convoy and his ship was pretty severely damaged, though the Rogues also didn't win entirely. They got the Bacta and the convoy, but the Prosecutor got away meaning Ysard still has all her ships. That's probably gonna annoy them too.

Personally whilst Ysard might be pissed off that the Rogues got the Bacta, damaged the Prosecutor and took nearly no casualties to their own ranks (the Twi'leks probably suffered quite a bit) I do think that the combination of knowing Talon is highly competent and loyal, the Rogues being highly competent and skilled and the combat footage will make her be pretty happy that Talon got away at all. I think Ysard would realise pretty quickly that most other Imperial officers would be death or captured if they had been in Talon's place.

The freighter trick (and the ambush in general) was pretty clever. Maybe the Imperials can think of copying it, whilst sacrificing a freighter for some starfighters would be a bad deal most of the times, a chance to kill the rogues would maybe make it worth it.

If too many convoys get hit then maybe the Imperials can try doing a 'Tokyo express' or in this case a 'Thyferra express'. Basically they use their warships or a warship (the Prosecutor would probably serve the best for this as it is the fastest) as freighter(s). Load it up with barrels full of bacta and make it do some runs.

Whilst the system had some problems for the Japanese in real life, it did allow for much needed supplies to trickle through.

I also applaud Talon for trying to get Antilles to slip up in regards to the POW situation. Antilles didn't take the bait, but it was a clever trick to try.

So yeah, something tells me that the whole 'the Prosecutor is a training ship' joke is going to die out pretty quickly once the other Imperial commanders see that combat footage.

Thank you for the chapter.

I also found a small mistake.

'Talon could only hope that the Lieutenant's distaste for those associated with Imperial intelligence was(n't) blinding him.'
1/2/2021 c2 11micelzod
It's good to see the empire perspective but the sentences need some spacing when the characters speaking. You don't want to confuse the reader.
Anyhow keep going
12/28/2020 c2 13TheShadowOfZama
This is an amazing end of the year present.

The sequel to one of my favorite stories on this site and so far it is as good as the first installment.

Rogue squadron as adversaries and now with an additional semi-political angle to deal with. Yeah, Talon's got his work cut out for him. At least he's got an improved relation with the Director.

Erisi's plan sounds interesting, though I am curious how Talon will help her achieve her goals. Also it's nice that you managed to have Talon's actions have consequences such as additional security for the Razor's Kiss. That could change the timeline by quite a bit.

One thing is certain though he will need Erisi her experience in regards to Rogue squadron when facing them, because those guys can pull miracles out of their ass.

Thank you for this amazing new story.
12/27/2020 c1 Kingoftropico
Literally only story I have ever reviewed, your writing is amazing this could be a tv show, the way your paint the atmosphere especially with the intricacies of the imperial court are amazing and feel real. Truly your are a talented writer.

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