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for A Happy Memory

11/9 c1 Guest
It was good, though I thought it would be more Emily centric than harry.
What is interesting though is Emily and harry are both parselmouths, though she likely keeps it secret.
Voldemort presumably is also one, which implies that he and Emily are related
10/21 c1 odonnellzoo99
I think the story has an unusual feel and is a bit rough but I enjoyed reading it.
Thank you for sharing your creativity.
9/20 c1 1dragonfighter11
Loved this. Shame it wasn't expanded on.
7/10 c1 5Z-Arc34
You should expand on this idea.
6/27 c1 brachiosaurus
this story makes me all giddy inside, thank you for sharing
5/26 c1 astolfo83
I really enjoyed this piece. Thank you very much for sharing it.
5/3 c1 Hank1967
Excellent short! Quite enjoyable. Enjoyed your Harry as well as how you brought Emily to life. She's very intriguing. You know she's dangerous, but you're not quite sure how... Very compelling character. I'd love to see you bring this type of character to life as Daphne Greengrass in your Perversion of Purity series. Would be really neat to see where you could take her and Harry.
4/12 c1 4Jack's Shack of Story Yaks
3/31 c1 NazgulBelserion
He's kinda cringy in this story not gonna lie lol honestly I just can't stand canon Harry he has MAGIC! and he never studied or tried to learn more and more like how can you not be Fascinated
3/11 c1 1OffhandScribe
This was very cute. Just enough details strewn about to give this hodgepodge AU a sense of order. In truth, I liked it enough to want more, but staying overlong might wear out the holiday cheer as it were.
2/27 c1 Destru
Marry her Harry! You were able to capture her character perfectly in my opinion ;) I know it's not canon, but sometimes I'd like to read something new and refreshing.

Now you got me interested in Harry x fem!Riddle... Time to look for other stories.

Good job with this little story, I enjoyed it very much.
1/20 c1 ElmDorianGray
Aw. That was some real sweet stuff
1/17 c1 2BlackPhoenixI
So, I’m finally leaving a review on one of your stories, and I’m really glad that it’s this one. I’ve recently fallen in love with the Harry/femRiddle pairing and I really enjoyed your oneshot. It was so much fun going through the entire little adventure.
1/9 c1 Guest
This is one if my favorite tomarry stories! Keep it up!
1/7 c1 PotterDieHardFan
It's really weird how in all of your ff there is this oc who is perfect, marry sue and more powerful than Harry Potter the so called protagonist. Even in this one shot this is the case. It is nothing but annoying to read.
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