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for Into the Darkness: The Seifer Almasy Trial

4/25 c1 dhea11
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4/2 c4 6Angel-Wings Naya
OMG, It's here! A new chapter! I'm so happy!
This chapter is so incredibly well-written and captivating! It has me rooting for Seifer, even though we all know his conclusion, and feel strongly for his plight!
I'm sobbing! (maybe I shouldn't have read that first thing in the morning, after waking up, before even getting breakfast, first! But I couldn't wait! _ )

~No one can predict the future, there are no guarantees~
4/1 c4 16colobonema
I was glad to see Seifer’s love for the posse so clearly demonstrated here. Feels like that’s the purest thing about him. They’re his family, no matter what he’s done. The “he was unworthy of them” line was an interesting insight into the fact that your Seifer has actually developed some decent self-awareness by this point.

I liked the inclusion of the bulletproof vest and Seifer’s reaction. And savoring the rough manhandling as a form of physical contact. Jeez, Seifer. (T_T) The way he twists and shapes his internal narrative of his own trauma is really well done.

I’m still tying myself in knots trying to place this in the timeline of ITA. The “reentering his timeline for the final time” part threw me. Was he doing all that time-hopping while he was in his cell? Or are we not supposed to know at this point, maybe?

I like the “or even Shumi” suggestion that the Shumi were there first. I tend to ignore the existence of the Shumi because of all the WTFery they throw into the FFVIII world. They’re interesting though.

Some great introspection and imagery at the end especially, with the volcanic crater and the cold tide. I’m looking forward to seeing how the trial pans out!
3/21 c3 ramblingninny
I love that Seifer, as uncouth as he is, still has his priorities straight.
3/21 c2 ramblingninny
Seifer just seems so fun, I love him.
3/21 c1 ramblingninny
I just started playing FF8 Remastered and it really makes me so curious how Seifer and Rinoa's relationship was. We didn't see much of it in the game and replaying it now, the little hints of closeness and concern makes me wish we had more of both of them together in the game DX

And what a perfect moment to read this. Hahaha. I was playing the game earlier today.
3/14 c3 Chundercat
Thank you for the upload! Whilst short it is setting the tone and the scene well for the parts to come. I do enjoy your bleak explanation for seifers predicament. Cold and harsh like the world would be to him! Looking forward to the next one!
3/6 c3 30Alessia Heartilly
"A fish, maybe?" I legit lol'ed.
Short but really, really nice. I'm now curious about Seifer's next step. And how this man he found will be able to help him. I hope he won't mess up. I hope they'll be able to stop Cid, anyway (and maybe save Edea too. The woman needs a better Knight and a better husband!).
I still have hope the trial will go differently. I can't wait!
PS your discord invite does not work, tried twice and it said it isn't valid.
3/6 c2 Alessia Heartilly
Ew Cid. I hate Cid. Never liked him in-game, when he kept things from Squall until he was forced to tell, and dumping every responsibility on him to go hide in Centra. Also, he's a combination of particularly vicious and dumb in this one, and I have a feeling this won't bode well.
Poor Edea. I hope she realizes what kind of Knight she chose for herself.
Argh the last line!
Also, lawyer, you're pretty dumb too. You have what you need to make Rinoa accepted, but you don't use it. Of course Cid chose you. You're similar.
On to next chapter. Thanks for writing!
3/6 c1 Alessia Heartilly
This trial has a deep impact on Into Thin Air's plot, so I didn't want to skip this story, even though I don't exactly like Seifer, to put it mildly.
I think you captured his character well. The first lines are surely spot on with his vanity, and are funny in a weird way.
The last line makes it even more interesting. So only Rinoa knows? I hope this fixes whatever went wrong into the "main" timeline. On to chapter 2 now!
3/5 c3 16colobonema
Yay - update!
Feels like the insanity plea would’ve been a decent plan. But I can see Seifer’s got his reasons.
Loved the descriptions of the new lawyer. The “pathetic soul sack in front of him,” “walking cirrhosis public service announcement against day drinking”. The “unsightly jiggle” of his cheeks. You’re really painting a picture of this guy XD
Also: “Uh, a fish, maybe” was some awesome Seifer-ing.

Thanks for introducing the Pandemic Challenge! :D
3/5 c3 6Angel-Wings Naya
Have I said how much I LOVE your version of Seifer? No? Well, I LOVE YPUR VERSION OF SEIFER!
This might have been short, but felt so impactful!
Just, GOD! Everything about this man, makes me wanna testify for him and then just hug him and tell him he's safe and everything's gonna be alright! I wish someone would just give him a chance!

~No one can predict the future, there are no guarantees~
2/27 c2 Angel-Wings Naya
oh, wow! I'm speechless! just, WOW! I knew your portrayal of Seifer was one of my favorites -if not my absolute favorite, but THIS! This takes it to a whole new level!
I have to commend you on a job really well done!
I can't wait to read more of ITA to see how his fate will go down in the end and if he will manage to fight against the odds after all!
And Cid! My god, that, I never expected! Such an interesting twist! Once again, I'm amazed by your imagination and penchant for storytelling!

~No one can predict the future, there are no guarantees~
1/6 c2 16colobonema
Damn those FH hippies. I’m with Seifer there.
It’s really fun for me (as a reader) to mentally link this up with Seifer’s ITA continuity, and work out how much of the ‘future’ is already known at this point.
Cid, you callous manipulator. I can totally buy him doing all this stuff.
I love this line so much: “The only regret I have is all the times I stood close enough to kill you but didn’t.” 100% agree with you there, Seifer.

So very readable and full of life and character, as always with your writing. Looking forward to more!
1/6 c1 colobonema
Oh! Didn’t notice you had started a new side-story fic! (curses self for always forgetting about the M filter on the top page)
And I love it so far.
Of *course* Seifer “knows how absurdly attractive he is’” I snickered away at “flawless shards of cyan in his eyes”. Get a damn room with yourself, Almasy XD
I’m sure he looks just dandy in orange.

I like the casual mention of the parallel universes and that Seifer is aware of them. Intriguing.
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