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6/18 c1 fan
dude, update this story man, i'm curious about the angel thing
6/16 c1 FangLord1234X
issei, jiraiya,roshi(dragonball) dream paradise world
6/14 c39 Crimson Riot 01
Esto es asombroso por favor sigue publicando más capítulos de este fic
6/7 c39 Silber D. Wolf
6/5 c39 79YeagerMeister31
Well, damn that was freaky.
6/5 c39 Shen1412 - Formerly Enigma95
6/4 c39 3DNA2337
Does this mean your done with this story or was this an omake
6/4 c39 1KINGShaheed
I can't stop laughing, please send help.
6/4 c36 KINGShaheed
Probably my favorite chapter so far.
6/4 c35 KINGShaheed
I'm sorry, I fucking DIED of laughter when this man gave Naruto hinata's skull. That's so fucked up lmao
6/3 c39 eclipsegateserver
So it is written therefore it is Canon
6/3 c39 20NeoNazo356
That is NOT the circumstance you want to be called “Daddy”; no sir...!
6/3 c38 NeoNazo356
Yeah, that seems par for the course for GS...
6/3 c39 T-B-R
LMAO this HAS to be part of the canon story at this point, its too funny not to be.
6/2 c39 ShadowBloodedge9396
I thought this was an epilogue, and you were about done with this, XD.
Pleeeease tell me this will be the canonical ending: Naruto marries Ivy and Ivy is perfectly happy that many others are also the mother of his children, lmao.
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