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for Revenge of Monkey D Luffy

8/11 c7 a.xmeave
Please update. This story is getting good
8/10 c5 a.xmeave
Ok I have seen it too many times now. It's They not There!. Both words have different meanings!
7/29 c7 Shank
Man please continue this story it is getting good don't give up
3/16 c7 Guest
Where's ch 8?
11/20/2022 c7 Guest 2
Hello? Are you still alive?
10/25/2022 c2 1thomquiri
Luffy: "I'm not like the pirate that hurt you, let's be friends"
also Luffy: "some navy hurt me, I gotta kill them all"
yeah... I hopte it's planned and not just pure hypocrisy without scenaristic goal
8/15/2022 c7 Guest
Please do more
6/15/2022 c7 Somera dom
As much as i like nami x luffy, nami is a stuttering mess I'd rather have the actual nami, tbh but ut to you its a greay fanfic
6/14/2022 c7 Someopfanficread
holy shit i cant explain how much i love this fic hope theres more chapters
3/26/2022 c6 Guest
2/19/2022 c7 Anime100
This is truly interesting to read; please update soon

I wonder how Luffy will react to seeing farp (purposely spelt the name wrong); I won't be surprised if Luffy beats him up terribly for being part of the marines
2/15/2022 c7 Avip123
Sad you stoped uploading, but I hope you are doing well! Love the story so I’d you ever come back, I hope I will be able to see it to its completion
2/8/2022 c7 Mandam
2/5/2022 c7 Titanium X
1 mois pour lui c'est un 1 ans pour nous
2/3/2022 c1 shooodai
It's not every limit if Luffy still limited to how much devil fruit he can eat, which is 1
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