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for Revenge of Monkey D Luffy

12/30/2021 c7 SmileDip
Can you please continue this i fell in love with this story so can you try to continue it
11/19/2021 c7 shockther
8/6/2021 c7 Guest 2
Are you still there?
7/7/2021 c4 Nami4Life
Devil fruit and Haki , love it , will others get a df , maybe Usopp could out of the others .
7/7/2021 c2 Nami4Life
Hope he gives his crew devil fruits , that would be awesome
7/7/2021 c1 Nami4Life
6/22/2021 c7 Menno
Can you add Robin to luffys harem
5/16/2021 c7 Guest
Just want to remind you, it's already passed a couple months
4/27/2021 c7 15Mas2009
where are the updates?
3/30/2021 c7 Guest 2
I hope you didn't forget about this story author-san
3/5/2021 c7 XxKirisameZeroxX
when is next chapter
2/2/2021 c7 61AngelFallenDemon
nicely done
2/2/2021 c7 vilgax
This was a good chapter, I am excited about this vice admiral. Still no mention of harp is kind of disappointing but I guess we will see how u progress
2/2/2021 c7 Guest
This story is awesome it's great I been enjoying it so far it felt satisfying seeing the beating the fishermen got they definitely deserve that after what they did to the women especially nojiko and I know nami is luffys girlfriend and that's great but is it also possible to pair nojiko with luffy to because from the guys I could see nojiko be with I think it's luffy in my opinion especially gives her a chance to experience what a real relationship is like that nami has with luffy when she feels ready to take that step in the future and it's not very often we see nojiko paired with luffy and don't have that many stories together either from what I seen and just to make it easier to find this story again when other readers are looking for it put the main characters names in the summary
2/1/2021 c7 Guest
It's okay if you didn't upload it on Sunday, as long as you didn't abandon this story i'm fine with it
I want to know, did Nami also got that kind of torture back then? Like being raped and punched?
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