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for Revenge of Monkey D Luffy

1/17/2021 c5 Charlie
Hey Ben, i have a question, since the ship isn't the Going Merry, so what is the figurehead oh this Sunshine?
1/17/2021 c5 vilgax
This was a great chapter I really like the end, with navy having submarines it will be interesting who they will send from grand line
I especially liked your devil fruit for the crew they are not OP but have potential to be OP with a small amount of training. I really like how u are giving the utility fruit rather that the fruit with power to cause disasters
I really can't wait for next update
1/16/2021 c5 Guest
Oh come on, again with this spelling mistakes?
Dude you should really re-read your story before publish it because that mistakes is being repeated again and again and again, it's annoying you know
I say this because your story is good and i love it, really love it
But it's also really annoying that you make the same mistakes again and again, it's make me thinking that you didn't read your reader's reviews about this story because if you read the reviews, i swear that i'm already mention this
1/12/2021 c4 FallenSage
Great job loved it
1/10/2021 c4 Guest
Well, i already can see you have lemon scene of orgy with a bunch of Namis (and Luffys if Nami's awakening power is make her able to cloning someone else)
1/10/2021 c4 Guest
I see you always repeating the same mistakes, ('there' for 'they' and 'of cause' for 'of course')
I don't know whether you did it on purpose or not, but i hope you will fix it, after all this is a good story and i like it
But still, it can be annoying when you see the same mistakes over and over again
1/4/2021 c1 vilgax
Interesting first chapter
1/4/2021 c3 vilgax
That was good if not a bit fast for me
And where is Coby, was he also killed?
1/2/2021 c1 groovy4444
I think this story is excellent and hope to see Nami with some haki that would be cool but on the real are u going to give her a devil fruit cuz if so I wouldn’t be against anyway thank u for sharing
1/2/2021 c3 Guest
Good chapter, although there's a lot of misword, but it's still good to read
By the way i want to ask something, do you have some updating schedule? Or do you just update when you feel like it?
1/2/2021 c3 4138774
I really wanted you to include Coby to the straw hats.
1/2/2021 c3 2Monxu Aki
It's kind of overpowered but cool at the same time, I like it.
What happened with Ace? Will Dragon or Garp try to reach him also? hmm... hope to read another chapter soon!
1/2/2021 c3 4El Pirato
I wonder if his limit-limit fruit affects the minds of others?
1/2/2021 c2 62AngelFallenDemon
I like it. keep up the good work.
1/1/2021 c2 mezentsevmichael
Great fanfic, great chapter, please keep updating as soon as possible, now that Xomniac (author of one piece this bites) has betrayed everyone and has guaranteed Ace and Whitebeards death, someone else has to write a End of the navy fanfic. And that person is you mr Ben. So far there have been only 3 one piece fanfics were the navy ends up being destroyed, one piece final holy war, this bites, and now yours. Final holy war was dropped and this bites has strayed from its path, it’s up to you to finish what they could not finish. Mr Ben I wish you the best of luck and hope that your story will surpass all one piece fanfics someday.
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