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for Naruto: Rise of the Uzumaki

5/17 c17 Lord Leraje
LETS GO! Shibuki in this story isn’t a damn wuss like in the canon!
5/14 c22 Lincos
So, 200k words in only to be at the Tsunade retrieval mission and the only thing thats actually changed in the story of any significance is Naruto made friends with Fuu.

Every little change you've wrote has lead to the exact same outcome as canon.

Chunin exams, the same.
Sasuke v Garaa, the same.
Naruto beats Garaa, the same.
Nothing actually happens to Suna or anyone of significance.
The 3rd dies, the same.
Tsunade retrieval is shaping up to be the same.

Then you leave an authors note about how its going to be so different after this; so why not just start the story here?
5/14 c19 Lincos
For someone who keeps saying the don't like rehashing canon, you sure rehash canon a lot, just with extra insignificant changes.
5/14 c22 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
5/14 c22 Guest
Thx for the update!
5/14 c22 4Goten Askil
Not much to say about this chapter since it's very close to canon, but nicely done.

As far as 'impressing' Tsunade, though, if you went the joke route I think just seeing his gambling luck in action would make her drool in admiration xD
But I guess seeing use a mix of both his parents' techniques against Kabuto would work to show her how their dreams ain't dead at all.

Good work and good luck for what comes next!
5/13 c2 Guest
i love how every fic tries to rationalize minato's decision because he's the hokage, like being the hokage just makes being a dogshit father magically okay. cope, retard
5/13 c5 Lincos
Naruto didn't have any reason to have his guard up?

Being in the middle of a Chunin exam, surrounded by 21 enemy teams, and however many on them being from other nations AND he'd already been attacked by one of them...

but yeah, no reason.
5/13 c22 3savitarsurffer
The chapter is good and I'm glad that according to your soon canon it will go completely awry
In my opinion, the problem with Danzo is that he has an army of ninjas that is loyal only to him and that also carries out operations that benefit only him. Tsunade would not tolerate that and would give him two options: either bow down or die. and knowing Danzo he would lunge trying to gain control somehow. In the end Danzo knew that with Hiruzrn's death either he would get the hat or he would be finished.
I would like to see Naruto master more elements. Not just the wind. After all, it is seen that several ninjas have more than one element and let's be honest, I think he should improve
please continue the story is very good
5/7 c21 Jls5225
Love the story thus far. Please keep it up!
5/2 c3 WoodenDraconis
Honestly, I love the dynamic between Kakashi and Gai. They are probably the funniest duo in the Naruto franchise.
4/25 c13 1LordZarcon
Isn't itachi notorious? And in the bingo book? How'd they not know who did it?
4/25 c9 LordZarcon
I actually think ino shoulda won. Fire her clan jutsu from start.
4/21 c21 Guest
I forget, does Naruto already know the Rasengan?
4/18 c21 Zasun
Loving this so far. Keep up the great work!
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