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for Baby, Let Me Follow You Down

7/13 c1 DioRezi
Twas but the withering of life that many would ignore. Royalty never allowed to perch on her throne trembled from the unrelenting frost. Sofia shivered as this drudged up a memory of her late father.

Remarkable, in the first few lines you brought life into something many people frequently ignore while comparing the queen of the garden to Sofia. You also provided background on Sofia by telling us about her relationship with her late father. We understand her personality, criminal status, and confidence from her meeting with Oswald. You are setting up an intriguing story, giving Batman fans everywhere a very sweet dessert I'm sure we will all gorge on. Enjoy and leave comments.

To those just starting, I'm up to date and this story simply grows better with each line.
6/28 c3 DioRezi
I'm left speechless. Your Joker feels so vibrant and alive, much more so than the Joker in the original Suicide Squad. Perhaps this is because they didn't take the time to flesh him out much in the film... regardless I'll be eagerly anticipating all the chapters to come.
6/28 c2 DioRezi
Wow. Your work is amazing! I love how you do Sofia and her contemplation. Your Joker is absolutely terrifying, I look forward to reading chapter 3 soon.
5/16 c3 Guest
Amazing story, I hope you continue
5/16 c3 Guest
Great story , I hope you contionue it
3/8 c2 ugne.grite
Damn this is pretty good, please continue
2/20 c3 Jar-of-puzzles
I like it so far! patiently waitingfor the next chapter

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