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9h c3 dephunkt
the story has been good so far but here's where it falls apart for me. Naruto can't possibly know Mizuki's intention just because he cast a genjutsu on Naruto. the most logical explanation for that would have simply been that Mizuki hates Naruto, and no further intentions to betray the village can be drawn from that, let alone to steal the scroll of seals or to use a student as a patsy. after all, he's hardly the first to hate Naruto. you've inadvertently pushed your knowledge of canon to him.
7/11 c16 1Darkdoom III
I would have liked more diversity in age for narutos harem, and hope that a certain blondhaired future female hokage does some changes so that she can have sexytime with naruto. For instances what if tsunade wants to use the c.r.a. to marry and breed with naruto. she could claim ihm as a part of her clanrestoration act so he gets more lovers legally. In Addition to this she should find out that mikoto isn‘t dead but comatose in a secret anbu ward and manages to wake her up. It would be amazing if mikoto, kurenai, anko and yuugo are added aswell. I know some have other relationships but that could change. Hayates death or kurenai not needing to de-stress anymore… please at least consider some of them. Thanks for the good work and let the breeding begin
7/8 c4 dai sennin kurosaki d naruto
dude lemons of kids doing this stuff at pre-teen ages is really messed up. they were 12 & 13 as genin that's way too young for this & not something that should be in anybody's fic.
7/8 c3 dai sennin kurosaki d naruto
i think making the mission S is absurd. mizuki was at best a C-rank threat maybe naruto would get an A-rank mission for ferreting out a traitor but certainly not S.
7/4 c1 Uncle Dork
God-damned Nine-Taped Box
7/4 c16 Beastyd22
Awesome chapter and lemon man keep it up and update again again soon as you possibly can thanks.
7/3 c16 2Mike Kromer
Must have more asap. love it so far, keep it up. can't wait to see what happens next.
6/29 c15 suruiV2
This story remains to be awesome
6/22 c15 13thunderofdeath97
the bijuu are more like siblings than cousins, lol
6/20 c15 darth56
great work love this story thanks
6/20 c15 2Mike Kromer
Must have more asap. love it so far, keep it up. can't wait to see what happens next. ya the girls love him indeed. And whoever's attacking is definitely going to regret it; messing with girls sexy time with their mate is not a good idea lol.
6/19 c15 Guest
This is excellent stuff keep it up and try to post more often if you can. I almost forgot the title of the story I’m loving so much, and I’d be sad to have missed out on such an awesome story!
6/20 c15 1NaruLemon Stories
Great chapter
Wish if you add Mature women in the harem
6/19 c15 InsaneMakaioshin
1. Last Chapter Tenten said she had the backing of 3 major clans. Who's the 3rd after Hyuga & Kurama?
2. Could Anko, Yugao & Iruka be Kushina's last genin team, before she was put on Maternity leave & Anko went with Orochimaru, with Kurenai as the sole survivor of Kushina's previous genin team?
3. Could you please go over all Filler, Movies & Video Game lore?
4. Since Kurotsuchi can use Dust & Lava, that could mean Mei can use what ever Earth, Water & Fire make & Wood, due to having a triple affinity for Earth, Water & Fire. Maybe Naruto could point that out to her.
5. Could Kurama donating his chakra to the Kurama clan, be the source of their genjutsu & where people got the idea to weaponize the tailed beasts from? Shukaku, being the one to create curse marks, also be where people got the idea to weaponize them from?
6. Can Tsunade be Kushina's teacher & Naruto's godmother?
7. Can Naori be alive & tries to turn Sasuke against revenge? She could be old & retired outside the village.
8. After learning about the land of Whirl pools, can Naruto be determined to keep cultures from disappearing, like having the Fuma clan develop his weapons in the Village of Artisans & encouraging the Daimyos to have Samurai trained to protect them, etc.?
6/19 c15 Beastyd22
Great chapter man keep up the update again as soon as you Possibly Thanks.
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