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6/19/2021 c15 Beastyd22
Great chapter man keep up the update again as soon as you Possibly Thanks.
6/19/2021 c14 tiger9868
please update
6/15/2021 c14 suryamgangwal63
Any news on the next chapter
6/1/2021 c14 11thunderofdeath97
damn, genma is a lucky mofo
5/31/2021 c14 1NaruLemon Stories
Bro add some mature girls
5/31/2021 c14 2Mike Kromer
Must have more asap. love it so far, keep it up. can't wait to see what happens next. ya must have been fun for the owner with the runs all night/store up in smoke lol.
5/30/2021 c2 theo1004
Would Konan be able to join the harem I know Sakura is out but I thought I'd ask about my other choice
5/30/2021 c14 darth56
hanks for the new chapter this is a great story really like the story line very nice thanks
5/29/2021 c14 Beastyd22
Awesome chapter man keep it up thanks and update soon thanks.
5/29/2021 c14 BJJF691
Was really hoping naruto dominates ino in the shop! Great chapter!
5/29/2021 c1 PanzerJ
Tenten is about 8 years old at this point, and Naruto is bout 7. How could her body already be developing and Naruto be mature enough to realize that?

Not angry, I find it funny but the realist in me be freaking out lmao.

Lookin’ forward to the rest of the story.
5/28/2021 c4 suckstobeacritic
Shadow clone technique would be so much more useful combined with a bird transformation instead of sexy harem no jutsu from the series, imagine the same use he did now, just done as birds from the air... Tell me that's not scarily overpowered espionage stuff
5/26/2021 c4 KingRK
I think someone is knocking at my door
5/26/2021 c3 KingRK
Good story but some of the grammar are wrong
5/23/2021 c1 MLoneWolf
A good story
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