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7/11 c27 atengawchok
Really? I don't know if Naruto is just torturing Ino for being mean to him for old days. Way sadistic of him of breaking her walls, lol!
7/11 c27 jonahtapper1228
Great chapter but you really need to work on adding lemons. Hearing of naruto slept with or woke up next to a girl is just cock teasing and it pissses your readers off. I’m not saying every chapter should have one but if your gonna have him have sex then add a lemon.
7/6 c2 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Jesus, this is crap. None of this makes sense, and you're grammar looks like something my buddy's toddler could beat.
6/18 c7 1AvidReader2425
Personally I found everything that happened with Haku to move along way too fast, especially the fact that he has three other women he should be loyal to, and honestly made the story not my cup of tea. Best of luck though.
6/18 c6 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another enjoyable chapter.
6/18 c5 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another enjoyable chapter
6/17 c4 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another really fun chapter. There is an area where you have the name Sasuke and I think Sakura is what it was supposed to be, and when the clones say right, you have a question mark there when I think it was supposed to be an exclamation point.

Also, if Naruto learned the exploding clone Jitsu, that would be absolutely a deadly card in his repertoire as well. Once again, thanks for the chapter.
6/17 c3 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another entertaining chapter, really having fun with the story
6/17 c2 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another enjoyable and fun chapter, though I would suggest that when he looked at the seal on his stomach for the first time, you break up that chapter a bit, right now it feels like a small wall of text.
6/17 c1 AvidReader2425
A very enjoyable opening chapter. And honestly, this version of Naruto should be rather scary in his skills, because despite the knucklehead demeanor he shows in the show, the guy is a lot smarter than most people think and pretty much a genius fighter. When he actually started getting taught by competent teachers and not neglected, his skills skyrocketed, even if I wished a bit more for some diversity at times lol.
6/11 c26 Guest
I think a solution for the cra is to have the limit increase as the rank goes up because it provides incentive for clan members to pursue their career to have a better chance at restoring their clan if they make it to jonin instead of staying a chunnin
6/10 c18 Krieger Techpreist
Anbu Ayame?... Damn know some sound fuckers are gonna die from a ramen waitress...
5/30 c7 4Oxy27
This whole harem is making no sense. Naruto is a cheating ass whole who said he did it for the mission. And Haku just opened her legs for the first teenager she sees!

Will they all just be cheating on each other! I would understand if Naruto was single but he is messing with 3 girls he knew his whole life but then had sex with an ENEMEY ninja!

The story it's self is good and I do like it but this chapter was a really big turn off for me. Naruto down bad for that. I was thinking he was a badass but this is outta pocket.
5/27 c9 Guest
Namikase isn't a clan...
5/27 c8 Guest
Another fanfic that uses CRA as an excuse to allow an harem which is sad considering its not apart of Naruto, i love harems, but hate the CRA excuse
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