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5/25 c26 marquis.shax
aside from the obvious plot armor it never made sense to me in canon how Hiruzen could just allow Danzo to get away with everything he'd done including trying to have him killed and not do a damn thing about it. Hell even after Danzo had Itachi kill all the Uchiha all Hiruzen did was ordered him to "disband" his ROOT but clearly he had to have known Danzo kept it going so there was no real punishment for his actions meaning he'd just keep doing what he was doing. If it were me if someone ordered me to be killed I'd have at the very least have that person thrown in prison or most likely in the world of Naruto kill the person as it's clear they're not going to just give up after one attempt
5/24 c26 Borello
nice work.
5/24 c26 TupanHD
Great chapter
5/8 c18 Qhaq
Great chapter, keep up the awesome work
5/3 c25 Borello
good work.
5/3 c1 KouzukiCain
Honestly? The plot is good to make me keeping reading the new chapters from time to time but the harem thing? Is not working since you started to wrote a sex scene every chapter. I find it boring and don’t help the plot and for that reason I’m dropping.
I wish you the best regards anyway
5/3 c1 Li-Ion78
harem trash
5/2 c25 TupanHD
Great chapter
5/2 c25 8Gundam Meister Uzumaki
is Kurotsuchi and Samui on the possibility list?
5/2 c25 15PLPanda
an enemy Kunoichi is at the gate. Ido should be warning him about silencing seals to be honest
5/2 c25 Vonta01
Where is the fourth hole
4/24 c24 MerliaPhoenix
So so far the harem consists of Tenten, Hinata, Yakumo, Ido, Haku, Fu, Karin, Tayuya, and Kin. You will also likely be adding Temari and Shion as well. So my question is how exactly is that going to work when according to your story the CRA allows for a maximum of 3 wives per clan. While that might be ok if you don’t add any more woman and consider adding the Senju clans as a clan he is heir of via the connection to the Uzumaki, if you add Temari and Shion or anyone else that is too much for even 3 clans under the cra. So what exactly is the plan? Please update soon.
4/21 c24 1DanDrake
Great story so far but I have a question about the harem due to Naruto needing to revive two clans the CRA allows Naruto six wives max the problem is the harem is now over six girls (Tenten, Hinata, Yakumo, Ido?(since Ido is a part of Yakumo I don't know if she counts towards the six), Haku, Fu, Karin, Tayuya, and Kin) which equals 9 (8 if Ido doesn't count as seperate from Yakumo) So my question is how will this work will the other girls be concubines or friends with benefits or will naruto find someway to marry them all.
4/18 c24 Guest
Love the fic so far! Just read through the whole thing and I love it
4/18 c21 Guest
Bad chapter! Zero logic with orochimaru, this history is down with quality in the last chapters. TO much forced plot. Dropped
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