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for Naruto ANBU-maki

4/17 c24 Borello
really good work.
4/11 c1 Deathslayer1996
Please update your Hundred story.
4/3 c2 agnar
and you lost me. yeah, we MUST have canon teams! So we MUST have Itachi slaughter his clan still, MUSt have Naruto purposely become the worst student so he MUST be on Sasuke's team!

Let's just waste all build up and everything so we can get a canon rehash! What crap.
3/24 c13 1Whitefang24
Naruto didn't tell yakumo about kurama
3/20 c11 modir321
i love your most of story(not DXD) keep up good work man you have very creative mind and thanks for fanfics good luck.
3/19 c23 Borello
great work.
3/18 c23 marquis.shax
so Danzo was an even bigger idiot than in Canon and sent a group of ROOT to eliminate Tayuya which exposes himself rather than just making a deal with Kabuto to kill her instead lol. I really don't get what Danzo was thinking when he decided that all shinobi should be emotionless I mean seriously being a drone that doesn't understand emotions like Sai just completely eliminates you from just about every mission other than assassination or maybe spying since they can't do long term infiltration as they have no concept of how to interact with other people, they can't do seduction missions either as they probably can't even get horny lol
3/16 c11 Guest
I was wondering what your plans are with the cra? You made Naruto sterile, so does that nog create the opposite effect of what the cra is meant for?
Mostly asking of they will ever het pregnant of nog?
2/27 c1 Guest
Hinata y tenten? Jsjjajajaja que mierda de historia, la misma mierda demostrando que es un personaje nefasto que sera debil siempre
2/17 c22 Danny Williams
A promising story with a great central core.
Story has plenty of action suspense and great sex scenes.
Story just needs to be updated.
1/30 c22 Borello
interesting work.
1/29 c1 Guest
You can make a harem without the CRA, CRA is just an excuse for a harem.
1/29 c22 2Mike Kromer
Must have more asap. Love it so far, keep it up. Can't wait to see what happens next. Ya kin probably wants in on naruto/family/clan lol.
1/29 c22 marquis.shax
lol if only Hiruzen actually had the foresight in canon that he has in this story, instead in canon he was a bit of an idiot he knew nothing of the Sound Village but accepted them into the village with open arms, then after Pedomaru gave Sasuke that curse seal he still allowed him to compete because he was "afraid" of what Pedomaru would do when if he took Sasuke out of the exams and hid him somewhere safe like in the ANBU HQ there'd be no way for him to get to Sasuke and while he could attack it would be completely disorganized as he hadn't killed the Kazekage yet and the Sand Village wouldn't have much of a presence in the village yet so it would be attack with little forces or still attack during the finals but give the village more time to prepare.
1/3 c21 Borello
good work. i can't wait for more chapter.
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