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1/29 c22 marquis.shax
lol if only Hiruzen actually had the foresight in canon that he has in this story, instead in canon he was a bit of an idiot he knew nothing of the Sound Village but accepted them into the village with open arms, then after Pedomaru gave Sasuke that curse seal he still allowed him to compete because he was "afraid" of what Pedomaru would do when if he took Sasuke out of the exams and hid him somewhere safe like in the ANBU HQ there'd be no way for him to get to Sasuke and while he could attack it would be completely disorganized as he hadn't killed the Kazekage yet and the Sand Village wouldn't have much of a presence in the village yet so it would be attack with little forces or still attack during the finals but give the village more time to prepare.
1/3 c21 Borello
good work. i can't wait for more chapter.
1/2 c2 Guest
So many minor mistakes, like forgetting a word. or wrong use use of he, she and it.
1/2 c1 Guest
Sakura is worse than Ino
1/2 c21 marquis.shax
clearly Pedomaru is stacking the deck so that Tayuya can't leave as even though she's nothing but a disposable pawn to him there's no way he'd allow her to just walk away as she clearly knows way to much such as where some of his bases are considering she's a member of the "Sound Four"
1/2 c21 UnsanMusho
Woah that ending was awesome and reminds me how terrifying Orochimaru can really be
1/1 c1 Kingofsenju
Bro don’t make the harem to big
1/1 c21 2Mike Kromer
Must have more asap. love it so far keep it up. Can't wait to see what happens next. ya naruto definitely attracts the girls lol.
1/1 c21 biginferno
great chapter I look forward to the next chapter and I assume Tayuya is joining Naruto's family of wives and I hope she does
11/12/2021 c20 8Gundam Meister Uzumaki
please update soon?
11/3/2021 c2 MeMeMooMoo
This is trash, man. Either pass the first grade before you write, or get a beta. Holy hell, this is hard to read.
11/3/2021 c20 arata7kasuga
anyways, kinda boring now that he'll be out of the exam. was looking forward to him actually being promoted so he could officially be in the cra and have less issues for him and his girls. that sucks
11/3/2021 c20 arata7kasuga
he didn't need to quit. he has hiraishin, he could simply avoid orochimaru in the forest. that aside, you know you can cover another characters pov while still using 3rd person right? also nice job getting ino nakedslapping tentens ass was a nice touch too xD lastly, I do hope ido doesn't pull something like what she did before again. she really did get off pretty easily.
11/3/2021 c19 arata7kasuga
Interesting plot with Tayuya. Tho I hope she doesn't end up with Naruto. I don't like her personality at all but she is family so maybe a cousin role through and through?
11/3/2021 c19 arata7kasuga
ugh first person is the worst perspectivealso, idk got to Karen before Naruto could? that kinda sucks. why'd she have to go and get her first? Good in Naruto for starting to heal Karen! Mad respect for that :3 nice pseudo lemon with Fu :3
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