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11/3/2021 c18 arata7kasuga
Keeping this a secret from Naruto is a terrible idea. there's supposed to be trust, communication, and honesty between them all...yes?
11/3/2021 c17 arata7kasuga
its a compound, he easily has enough room for all of them. there'd be enough rooms for each to have their own room probably tho, in fact, he just needs one room with a huge bed. They all sleep together anyways
11/3/2021 c15 arata7kasuga
hmm now kiba knows. At least this lemon wasn't skipped :p Fu and Haku work very well together! I like fu, her personality is refreshing :3 Haku is amazing too c: Hahaha 3 hours and a nap, that sounds about right xD classic anko with her 'nice' comment xP
11/3/2021 c15 arata7kasuga
eh another interruption? Haku had it all planned out and everything xD Well Fun is gonna rekt whoever ruined her moment :P I sincerely hope kiba isn't in a team with her and haku..
11/3/2021 c14 arata7kasuga
This story already had lemons so there's really not much point in skipping some lol
11/3/2021 c14 arata7kasuga
...a wild night between him and all the girls and we witnessed none of it? what did we do to deserve that cruel and unusual punishment? why mention it if it's just gonna be skipped it glossed over..?
11/2/2021 c12 arata7kasuga
Why was yakumo so self conscious? She is beautiful and also elegant That aside, this was my favorite lemon yet :3 these two ad haku are my favorite girls. I can't wait for haku to be released and their next lemon. Will she move in with Naruto since she doesn't have a family here?
11/2/2021 c11 arata7kasuga
Yakumo is unsure eh? that was a good lemon tho, outside of Hinata not letting him cum, not sure why she wanted to deny him. did love how she wanted it so rough tho :p
11/2/2021 c10 arata7kasuga
dresses and kimonos are the best! they are the cutest /sexiest outerwear a girl can wear :3 Loved the lemon with tenten tho anal can feel amazing, your just got to take your time with it. what she told the clone was so wholesome. why is Naruto still going on about how it's unfair if they have more sex that morning? honestly they are all going to be together and he has tons of stamina so he could literally just have sex with them all whenever one of them is free. plus clones.
11/1/2021 c9 arata7kasuga
yayyyy I'm glad they all get along and the girls are fine with Haku :3 why wouldn't she stay with Naruto when she gets out? also why does she need to be in a cell when she's already gonna have an anbu handler?
11/1/2021 c7 arata7kasuga
Wow Zabuza, that was very astute of you as well as perceptive. I honestly like that side of him, he proved he does have a heart and he does want what's best for his daughter. Haku is perfectly willing to accept his being with the other girls as well so things will hopefully go smoothlySasuke is no longer backed too xD
11/1/2021 c6 arata7kasuga
she is mischievous as well as retaining her sweet kindness :3 while I think b-c cups is the optimal breast size D can be sexy too :3 also, maybe there's hope for Sakura after all!? using her crush to boost her motivation and make her a better ninja is ingenuous tbh. and hopefully Sasuke does get his sharingan
11/1/2021 c6 arata7kasuga
huh his first time is with haku. I somehow don't mind. you made her sound absolutely breathtaking and she is michievous as
11/1/2021 c5 arata7kasuga
yay for tenten realizing why Naruto needed that break and explaining it to the girls! she saved them alot of angst for Naruto's mistake. also I live Naruto's use of seals:3 haku being able to recognize Naruto isn't the rabbit wad nice yoo
11/1/2021 c4 arata7kasuga
Naruto really should have explained to the girls why he wanted a break and ask if they had any solutions before making the decision by himself. they also are involved.
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