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1/21 c3 Guest
Book in Kindle has been corrected so hopefully those reviews that gave a lower rating because of the error will update there score.
1/17 c2 Drealara
hello Miranda I bought your book on kindle ... I love this story but you have mixed up the epilogue of the story with your story 'Compromised'... I'm quite frustrated with this problem and there are few mistakes with the names when you write Mrs Darcy when it is Mrs Bennet ... I just to warn you before the future readers fall on you lol
1/17 c2 Knitting Princess
Hi there Miranda:
I’d read your story in FF and downloaded to read it today but I have to tell you, there’s a problem with the epilogue. The epilogue in the download is NOT the epilogue to Lost, it’s an epilogue to another story where Jane marries Mr. Clark and Kitty marries Richard Fitzwilliam. So all of a sudden it’s, “where did THIS come from?” I hope the book can have the true epilogue put in instead, because it’s such an enjoyable story. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
1/17 c1 HeathMoors
Congrats on publishing!
1/17 c1 Adriana03
Finally I will be able to read and reread your stories! I'm sure it will win over even more readers.
1/16 c2 SamH294
what is your author name so I can find this on KU?
1/16 c1 a la silhouette
Yay! One of my favorites is back. Ty!
1/16 c2 ODGODB
Thank you. Just downloaded your story.
1/16 c2 Sallyb25
I just downloaded it, thank you for all your amazing stories.
10/3/2022 c1 Lgilchrist.22
Great story! Or atleast first chapter. Do you have the rest of the story anywhere else? Will you be reposting it?
6/18/2022 c1 JudyM2
Hi I have enjoyed your story immensely. I was very disappointed that you have removed your story. I was reading it and missed that you posted the last chapters 27, 28 and the epilogue. Would you be able to repost them for a couple of days? So I can finish the story? Please feel free to send me a PM.
6/15/2022 c1 Colleen S
Oh boy! The path to true love never did run smooth!
6/14/2022 c1 tnet
funny way that 'truth' looks so different from peoples perspective. Caro is totaly blind of D's needs and rank must rule! Matlocks live a hatefull life, the heir is probably not the Earls child, the second son is not the mothers sonneither the Earls, but the sister he loved. Pompous D not even gets a tiny slap for denigrating Es family a
What will the cousins do to stop their parents, are the Earls letters to Lady C evidence enough?
Canon caro's truths help as evidence og is she just really annoying and ruins herself?
6/14/2022 c29 21luvgsr
Just came across this story and loved it. Going to try and get through any other ones you have before you take them back down. I will be sad to see them go. This would be a great story to re read
6/12/2022 c29 carissamarie11
I LOVED THIS! Thank you for sharing your stories with us!
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