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10/23 c11 RandomAsRainbows
Ahhh no. I came here from Archive of our own and forgot to check the last update date! I've been thinking about how this could continue all day!
10/18 c11 TomRiddlesTwin
Love this fic!
8/4 c2 3Azufyra
Well... I don't know if the monitor thought that Nezu would like to eat the cat or if he thought the cat would want to eat Nezu !
It is very interesting tough !
7/28 c11 4Monster King
4/26 c1 Arionna O'Driscoll
Can’t wait for the next chapter
2/14 c11 TomRiddlesTwin
Love this! Great story
1/29 c11 starandsky1
I love your story! She is perfect and I can barely wait to see what will happen next. Cats and perfect and life!
1/21 c11 Applejax XD
I can't wait to see what her next adventure will be XD
1/18 c11 AsterDrops
Great story Author! Love the characters and how you portray them. Really excited to read more.
1/5 c11 GreatT'Phon1of4
It's good, nya.
1/4 c11 Dylan-A-Friend
1/4 c11 1Crystal013
i love this story so much! it's very cute and interesting! ️ I can't wait to see the rest of the staff's reactions to Aurora!
1/4 c11 KEZZ 1
Wonderful chapter
I am looking forward to reading more soon please
1/3 c11 5FrikFrakTikTak
I like all the chapters you post, but I don’t think any of us would mind if you posted less often with longer chapters. Sorry for making this type of comment twice, but please let me know if you can’t.
1/3 c10 1gibthegrey
I love cryptid cat, I cant wait for more!
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