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for The Stranger In My House

3/17 c7 Lighternoon
I swear to god if you don’t write more I may lose my mind. I loved not only the story, but being able to see your own growth and development as a writer. Please, I need more of this. Please. I really am begging.
6/15/2021 c7 BrittleCalm

First of all just let me say what a pleasure it has been reading your story so far. I am so glad I found you. Your characters are well written and you are able to bring them to life which is not an easy task. That being said, I think you story should actually have a lot more people reading and commenting, I think it may actually be issues with the website itself. You might consider moving your stories over to AO3 they have a much bigger website with better servers. Don't get me wrong, this website was great in its day and I still come here because I love reminiscing the past but AO3 really would bring you so much more traffic as the genre is extremely popular right now.
2/7/2021 c7 Darkest rtist
Thank you for your work! It is extra cute chapter in some way and I really liked it. I'm very eager for the following chapters! Keep it up!

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