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5/17 c37 5GreatLight432
As usual, a great novelization of an underrated game.
While I would have preferred things to go 'better', this was more accurate to the franchise. As usual, you play it well with your changes, keeping us all guessing no matter how awesome our Jacob is in the game.
So, as President Bartlet in The West Wing says, "What's next?".
5/2 c22 Seleucus 01
Thank you for the chapter!
4/24 c21 GreatLight432
Yeah, first encounter with the T-47...only other machine besides the HK tank to make me say, "Gosh, that's big...". Rivers should count his lucky stars he didn't make it 'freak out'...that was a nasty surprise.
3/13 c16 GreatLight432
I just realized something that you need to correct: the injured guy with the survivors is named MARK, not Mack. Mack is the second scientist you meet later in the game. Just in case that was a genuine mistake and not intentional.
Enjoying this and your other stories, man...keep it up! :D
2/13 c1 79Midwich Cuckoo
Thank you for this story so MUCH - I am playing "Terminator; Resistance" now and I'm happy that someone started a fic based on the game :) I must start reading this story now :)
2/9 c11 RenegadeMerc
Been waiting for a fix of this game. Looking good so far. Can’t wait to see how the ending is handled.
1/31 c10 Seleucus 01
Thank you for the chapter!
1/30 c10 5GreatLight432
*sigh* We could say Rivers is an idiot here, but once more...this is precisely why Infiltrators are to be feared. Not just because of how unfeeling and unstoppable they are, but how they can play so thoroughly on us and our emotions. Once more, well done!
1/27 c9 Seleucus 01
Very interesting story, waiting for new chapters!
1/23 c9 DreamingTraveler
Part of me wants to see Colin do better... but the other wants to kick him at the groin lol Have him and Rivers find common ground, and it'd better than the source material imo
12/27/2020 c3 GreatLight432
I think you're enjoying this one a bit too much...excellent job reminding us why Infiltrators are to be feared.
12/26/2020 c1 GreatLight432
YOU B******! And I mean that in the best way. ;)
Played this game quite a few times already, and that's not mentioning the LP I watched before I was able to get my own copy. Regardless, I think I can read this love letter to the Terminator fans. Looking forward to what you bring to the table with this one!

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