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2/20 c5 Apollodorus13
I dont aee the point in acting dumb about knowing Minato is their dad. If anything Inoichi gave a perfect out for any “changes” Naruto would go through. Having so much of your intelligence and memories sealed would be the perfect excuse for the MC to show out of character qualities.

He already knows he has to get as strong as possible as fast as possible. Showing off that hes way more than previously seen would be greatly beneficial sooner rather than later
1/30 c1 Guest
The story is not badly written. It is just boring. A power fic that does not commit. A romance fic that doesn’t seem plausible even when you’ve read 10 chapters of build up. If you read this story know that the same thing happening 20 chapters ago is pretty much same thing happening 20 chapters onward.
1/15 c59 perseusdiangelo007
Recently decided to start this fanfic and managed to read it in around 4 or 5 days (taking advantage of a break at uni). Definitely one of my favorites not only in Naruto fics but also across all other series. I understand that it's been a while since it was last updated but I saw that in another of your fanfics published in December it was mentioned that you'd try to come back and update some of the fanfics soon after a couple of months without writing. Just wanted to let you know that the story is appreciated and there are people that await an update and understand that it might not be as fast as we'd like. Good luck with the next chapter and the other stories you're currently writing.
1/11 c53 Guest
The poly relationship feels shoehorned in. Noticeably unnatural. Could be my bias against the concept. Always hated this aspect of so many otherwise great fanfictions. A lot of the other story had building blocks, but it felt like one AN you said ‘I’m officially going to try this out’ and it immediately went from a ‘definitely hinata’ to ‘definitely both of these 12 year olds for some reason’. Already feel weird reading fanfiction as an adult for the first time in 5 years.
1/10 c37 Guest
Well that was incredibly predictable.
1/6 c45 Dr. Valentine
I've been enjoying the story so far but I can't seem to find must enjoying th parts with Ashina, he just feels unnecessary.
1/5 c25 Dr. Valentine
I do mostly agree with your points on Madara and Kaguya. Unfortunately, I typically always prefer things to be as close to canon as possible, for better or for worse. But I find your points on the so called cycle-of-hatred to be very insightful, and I'm very excited to see how you deal with the later parts of this story.
1/3 c2 Dr. Valentine
I'm not normally one to read SI/OC fics, but I do like to give them a shot every now and then, and I've been binge reading Naruto fics so I'm tentatively giving this one a shot. So far, you've got me hooked, purely based on your characterisation of Hiruzen and Jiraiya. Even the fact that Naruto has an overabundance of yin chakra, which would make sense considering he's got an adults soul inside him, was pretty clever.
12/31/2023 c6 3Detsella Morningdew
Your chakra growth spurt thing seems like a very good reason why children in Naruto are taught when they are.

It's a compromise between giving up utility of having more soldiers faster and preventing needless death of children.
12/24/2023 c38 lucavento
Naru/ino/hina is a go nice
11/21/2023 c3 Dissapointed
I give up. I don't need to read more than here to know this will be a massive shitfest of emotionally unstable BS.

It might be a good story... maybe... but it is definitely a garbage-tier fanfiction.

Just not my cup of tea. Peace out.
10/8/2023 c3 1Joe Lawyer
I'm assuming this mental disorder is why Naruto is not training and using his childhood productively? Someone with knowledge of the future events would be working his butt off.
10/4/2023 c18 4Pvtcheeks
Okay. We’re back af a solid 9/10. Recognizing he’s hypocritical is what ive been waiting for. Not just saying he is but acknowledging it. Proud of you N keep growing and getting better bug man.
10/3/2023 c11 Pvtcheeks
See this is what I’m taking about. Now he can walk up to a grown ass Jonin shinobi and effectively have a dick measuring contest. Just seems like a very abruptly forced change for no reason other than plot. The only way to hash it out is to chalk it up to unstable child emotions that again doesnt make a whole lot of sense because HE is a grown ass man. Just seems weird and forced. Keep it up big man.
10/3/2023 c10 Pvtcheeks
Ima be brutally honest… this made the story drop to a 4/10. Many things could have happened differently that would have in no way shape or form caused any harm to come ro him OR Rin. However. I know emotions are volatile and the fact he is scared shitless ontop of that clouding his judgement. Then add on to it he isn’t a shinobi born person… I’ll give it a 8/10 from a realistic perspective but I’m taking two because I see no reasonable way that he argued over his modern personality he still had when it was changeable. Another one for the fact he could face Kakashi down in a fit of rage but cower in fear even though he would have had help from Hiruzen, Kakashi, Jiryia, many powerful people he could have, granted not told the everything, but made up something along the lones of sensing an evil presence saying its an ability that he got from the yin Kurama like Kushina had…there were just many MANY ways that dont require even the mildest of thinking to cover up his ‘Knowing’ of what danzo would do. It made little sense when he showed such devotion and strong will then to crumble out of seemingly nowhere effectively feeling a little forced…The emotion portrayal is amazing as always of course, and it just felt off you spent that couple of weeks building him up to suddenly change him almost? Anyway it’s more of a personal thing so I am probably criticizing this more harshly than I should but it feels very off putting for him to say hes better than Kakashi, better than Hiashi…then to just let a whole clan die because he didnt have the balls to say something. Keep it up this is great and keep on raging my mans.
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