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for The Christmas Lights

1/16 c1 Guest
Out of all Angela's boyfriend, Geoffrey was the one I didn't like, he was just so boring and I actually didn't mind Grant in the pilot episode. Anyway I just love Mona, she really gives it like it is, and Mona is Mona always straight to the point.
Didn't you love how in the episode when she delibertly said to Angela that she was standing under the mistletoe so Tony and her had to kiss right in front of old Geoffrey then after she crack that joke about Geoffrey mother? It was too hilarious.
But anyhow I like how this conversation could have taken place when she and Tony were looking for lights upstairs, great insight into that episode.
1/1 c1 Guest1
Love your take on their characters! If you are up for a prompt, I cant stop thinking about how they absolutely would not be able to resist a New Years Eve kiss. Every. Single. Time. Happy new year!
12/27/2020 c1 16stayathomemum
I love your WTB? fics. Yay, another one. If only Tony had said something during the Geoff months.
12/27/2020 c1 47GoldenGirlSherry
OOH I love Mona. Always there to knock (or at least try) some sense into their heads. Great job!

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