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25m c47 simm36
buen capitulo
31m c47 AgentOhio479
Amazing chapter, I loved how long it was. I'm incredibly nervous and excited for Jaune to either willingly reveal his secret, or have it revealed by accident.
2h c47 Elimbargodeus
Well damn, I was nervous that Roman was going to out Jaune as a double-agent there when they were talking about pawns and such.
5h c47 BL012689
Ooh, reading this world's version of Machiavelli mixed with his experience. He'll be more ruthless soon.
5h c47 3Sm0keyPanda
I always love fics that explore Roman a bit more, and this one does it exceptionally. Looking forward to more chapters!
11/26 c46 Simplyhiccstrid
Goddamn it… is it possible to like a story more than once?
11/24 c46 Grog don't care
I'd recommend running these through grammarly if you dont already. The punctuation is mostly on point but everyonce and awhile there are words that get combined. That could just be a product of uploading documents to fanfiction as I have heard other authors having that problem. Still, I'd recommend grammarly or another free spellchecker.
11/24 c46 Guest
I still love the way you write Neo’s signing. Keeps her a part of each scene while making sure we’re reminded that she can’t speak.

Also, having Jaune learn sign language makes their interactions feel more intimate.
11/22 c46 1lifeofpuzzle
The writing quality is horrible. The lack of punctuation, attention to grammar, and sentance structure is something a middle schooler would likely produce...

But DAMN if this isnt one of the most well-written RWBY fanfic plots i have ever read. I was hooked from the very first chapter. I only started reading a couple days ago and i was so hooked that i did not stop until i caught up to the very end.

There are only a few plot points that don't make sense to me. The first is Ozpin's behavior doesnt make sense. I feel like Ozpin would have called the mission over as soon as Jaune told him who was behind the robberies.

The second thing that doesnt make sense is that Jaune has only interacted with three of his old friends (not including coco or velvet). It's been over 400 thousand words, so i feel like they could have interacted a lot more. Especially after Weiss and Pyrrha found him at his club. There is no way they wouldnt have told their teams about him when they got back to Beacon, and as soon as he did then there is not a force on this planet that would stop Nora or Ruby from going to that club the very next day.

The third and final issue i have is the pairing. Yes i know its a Jaune x Neo story, but after everything we have seen i think i would prefer seeing him with Blake. Dont get me wrong i love your Neo, but the chemistry they have had is nothing compared to the chemistry he has had with Blake with the few interactions they have had. If i didnt know Neo would end up with Jaune, i would be rooting for Blake because its so clear she has developed strong feelings for him. Hell, she has already expressed that she would drop literally everything to run away with him. I havnt seen anything to suggest Neo would do the same.

Welp. Thats pretty much every issue i had. Beyond that this story is perfect. I can't wait to see how it progresses and i hope it is updated soon
11/21 c3 dude123nice
Undercover ppl aren't allowed to commit violent crimes, much less kill. You fail at law.
11/21 c46 Guest
if Hardin can alter probability, then he could also walk through walls. molecular physics is weird like that.
11/21 c46 Guest
really good chapter hope you have a good thanksgiving and love the story
11/21 c46 TITAN URANUS
It was cool that he didn't crack after all that but I'm really curious how his semblance didn't awaken under all that stress, even with his sliver of aura the branding at least should have forced a reaction.

Its already obvious that this Jaune will never catch up to his cannon counterpart in terms of actual combat potential or competence but his semblance would actually make him useful in the end game.
11/21 c46 Dextix
With Wyatts reaction as it was, i am honestly suspecting that he is in a simmilar situation as Jaune is. A person assigned the mission to infliltrate a criminal organization, it is not too difficult to imagine that Ironwood would ask a loyal soldier of his to do so. If i am not mistaken it would also mirror real life as such gangs (In russia included) have people from the government spying on them quite often.

Him changing his tune when they find out about Ozpin, refusing to kill him, all of this is too suspicious and unlikely if that is not the case.

Of course, the other theory is that as someone mentioned, Sophia is involved in this with her old guard. There is no other reason for them to take or want to take Anna away (Suspiciously enough, a common Russian name for girls). Even if Anna is not related to Sophia there might be other ties. Since the Bratva is operating a bit as a military organization it would make sense if Wyatt had Sophia as a commanding officer.
11/21 c46 a sanguinary gaurd
another good chapter andvim pretty sure I know who Anna's mom is or at least she's a relative to the persona I'm thinking of
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