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for A Man of Honor

22h c6 Sebine
faunus is misspelled a lot
22h c5 Sebine
12/2 c9 Cooldude101011
Heh, “Manners Maketh Man”, you got that from Kingsman?
11/25 c82 2dudepotatos
Man. Poor Blake. I love Neo but Blake deserved better than being a fling. She has been suffering almost all her life and when she thought she found love after her asshole of a bf, said love lets her down, again.

With how gritty this fanfic has been throughout its entirety, this bittersweetness of a conclusion is probably the best anyone will get including Jaune. Thank you.
11/24 c82 M2R
well, that's interesting
11/23 c17 M2R
to be honest, if Ozpin is truly manipulative as I believe to be. then he planned all of this, purposely making Jaune at fault and betting on Jaune's personality to take the responsibility and gained respect as well as trust. because so far Jaune has not big fault and by showing some kind of flaw that they can understand, people will trust you more, then added the fact Jaune took the responsibility and not lying about it makes his reputation even better.
11/23 c82 2TheSlySage
best crimeboss RWBY AU fic to date.

love you my friend qnd as always. thanks for writing!
11/22 c75 TheSlySage
now that its complete I'mma finish this one up today love ya fam
11/15 c82 Grevirki
This has been a wild ride. Loved it all the way through which is rare for me. I always find things to nit pick at. Not here.

I'd love to see a sequel with a bit of a time skip. Maybe from a different perspective that is more inclusive of the main cast but with strong ties with Jaune. Speaking of Sun and his thievery, that would be a good candidate with Blake being the link to Jaune. Maybe he could be her bad boy, with Jaune's help. Anyway, good fortune. 10/10 of a fic.
11/14 c82 Cinderfall20412
OH MY GOD what a ride. I was hoping that Neo, Jaune and the rest of the people would survive. And they did with success- you did a amazing job with this story.

If you do a sequel to this I would read it in a heartbeat! Gangster movies/video games are amazing
11/14 c82 1IloveDragons8
I am speechless. This story was amazing from start to end. I look forward to seeing if you do make a sequel to this but no rush. Just like Jaune I’m sure you could use a break.
11/10 c1 ManOfGod082
I think this is one of the best things I have a ever read.
11/10 c82 1DrknssRules1
Aw, look at you making me blush like that, lmao.

In all seriousness, this was an honor to help you work with. I was just some guy who made an offer and now here we are with this in the rear view mirror. Seeing ideas I pitched and came up with play out in the story was always fun to see. Things like Hana surviving the explosion at Jaune's apartment, all the way to Anna existing based on an entirely different idea we toyed around with.

Let me just say that it was my genuine honor to beta read every single chapter and to be a contributer to this gem of a story. You thanked me for being there when you needed me. Now let me me thank you for simply letting me be here on the road with you as this story came to life. Thank you for everything. I respect the hell out of you. I can't wait for the next story and you know that I will be here if you ever need me.
11/8 c82 2Gizmo Gear
I'm glad I stumnled across the advertisement post for this fic. It's been a rather enjoyable read! I'll probably find myself checking out your other works as well, before too long.
11/8 c4 3greakreader
yo this is really good shit.

new people read this. it's a breath of absolute fresh air in terms of style on this site
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