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for A Man of Honor

1/16 c52 4Kinnix Wolf
Damn. This was a massive climax to the story. Absolutely insane. And I cannot wait for the next chapter. I can't predict a lot of what is coming. And I love that.
Keep the chapters coming please. I truly love this.
1/16 c52 AgentOhio479
It was a good call including the "Fuck off Oz" scene. And you were right, it was very cathartic.
1/16 c52 3Chaosconetic
Been waiting for the "Fuck You Oz." moment for ages.

Superb as always.
1/16 c52 TheNineNerdGhouls
And thus the precious pawn has gone rogue. Guess you didn't see that coming Oz, huh? I can't wait to read the next chapter, would Ozpin tell Blake? would he try to reason with Jaune again, maybe by meeting him in person?
1/16 c52 3Sm0keyPanda
And so it begins. Loved the chapter.
1/11 c51 1CrimsonTiger1
thank you was waiting for this one of the best crime fanfiction I've read 10 somersaulting raccoons out of 10 razor bladed Frisbees best story
1/10 c51 Adept
Been reading this fic since like chapter 2 or some shit and damn are you close to 1k reviews bro congrats
1/9 c51 Guest
Without a doubt the greatest mob fanfic I’ve read. The character development is perfect. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
1/10 c40 1Bloodline Purger
has to be one of the best RWBY fics out there. Quite surprising that it isn't that popular
1/9 c51 94blake
Never been so excited to get a update notification. I am a little surprised at how quickly Roman/junior have seemed to forgive him but Neo’s and his crews responses were everything I thought they’d be. Great update!
1/9 c51 Guest
Really great chapter. Always looking forward to reading my all-time favorite story. Can't wait to see how Jaune and Neo are going to get back to good terms and how this sit down is going to play out.
1/9 c39 Bloodline Purger
this is one of the best mobster fics I've ever read. the character development is fucking amazing
1/9 c51 Zander22122
Hey, I'm in Detroit this weekend. Just came up to see the Lions game. Was fun.
1/9 c51 Guest
I think the stays between you and me line for roman doesnt really work if junior knows. I thought the point was to keep it under wraps by a wide margin. Also j as an alias ozpin was gonna get jaune killed.
1/9 c51 Zero
Its done.
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