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for A Man of Honor

1/16 c52 simm36
muy buen capitulo
1/16 c52 Guest
This really is my all-time favorite fanfic ever. Looking forward to next Sunday already.
1/16 c52 BL012689
Jaune telling Ozpin to oiss off is oddly satisfying.
1/16 c52 2mercurya2000
Well I don't think Oz is gonna give him Crocea Mors back... I feel like Blake is a person he could get on his side though. Or who will try to kill him. Maybe both.
1/16 c52 4DaDragon562
Another great chapter. Makes sense the spooks want jaune given he’s shown he’s a wiz at criminal shady dealings.

So glad they took out the atlessians. I do think Grigori being murderously angry at jaune for betraying them and getting his entire team killed except him and Nicky will mean jaune should be thinking of irrational moves that they make. Jaune was willing to break his agreement with ozpin for personal vendettas and beliefs. They can likely also do irrational stuff and target his crew or people and Blake.

I definitely enjoyed the bait and switch and it’s clear neo doesn’t know how to handle this betrayal especially since the last one to betray her was the atlessians and we all know how that feels.

Wonder if ushi gonna bust jaunes knee caps as punishment. She does love that hammer of hers.

Just glad we understand why Roman trusts jaune here now. And god damn that scene of jaune telling oz to fuck off was absolutely beautiful. No information how bad oz is fucked just telling him to stay out of their way and to fuck off.

I do wonder how Blake will respond but more importantly how team rwby will respond.
1/16 c52 Guest
What good is Jaune if he is weaking and close to fall of beacon..where he has to deal with powerful Foes

Anyway I Hope He Meets His Old Team.. Imagine Phyraa Seeing Jaune is Now apart of criminal Gang.

Realistically Jaune should breifly Give up on Neo or Just give her space. He needs Know if Their Relationship is Done or Not. Lol.. For Now he should Focus on himself and let Neo Come to him.. There is no point in him Keep Talkimg to Neo if she does not want to talk to him. Let her initiate it if she want to renew the relatonship.

Jaune is Not A Person to make others jealous and Not Petty.. But Blake or Emerald seem to have a Thing for him.. He has a Natural Charm that women like that are drawn to him so Neo need to decide
1/16 c52 Guest
This fic is somehow better than Coeur's similar one being released simultaneously... Didn't think it was possible, good work.
1/16 c52 Guest
Gotta say, I feel for Grigori and the Atlesian Spec Ops. Kudos to you for humanizing them, giving them more personality. It’s nice that we have antagonists like Nicky that we can hate, and some that we aren’t so sure about. Who, if this were a different fic, might be the “good guys.”

I too wonder how Blake takes all of this. On the one hand, Jaune appears to her to be sliding into the sort of life she ran from. On the other hand, Oz was going to hand the city over to the Atlesians. I wonder if Oz attempts to use her to get in contact with Jaune.
1/16 c52 1Morgan Arthur Drake
I think maybe having like a beacon chapter would be interesting kinda like the Cardin chapter, showing how everyone is reacting to what's going on, or perhaps it being a Blake chapter.
1/16 c52 tylerbraden13
Another amazing chapter cant wait till next week
1/16 c52 alphabacon34
Very good chapter!
1/16 c52 4Kinnix Wolf
Damn. This was a massive climax to the story. Absolutely insane. And I cannot wait for the next chapter. I can't predict a lot of what is coming. And I love that.
Keep the chapters coming please. I truly love this.
1/16 c52 AgentOhio479
It was a good call including the "Fuck off Oz" scene. And you were right, it was very cathartic.
1/16 c52 3Chaosconetic
Been waiting for the "Fuck You Oz." moment for ages.

Superb as always.
1/16 c52 TheNineNerdGhouls
And thus the precious pawn has gone rogue. Guess you didn't see that coming Oz, huh? I can't wait to read the next chapter, would Ozpin tell Blake? would he try to reason with Jaune again, maybe by meeting him in person?
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