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1/9 c51 94blake
Never been so excited to get a update notification. I am a little surprised at how quickly Roman/junior have seemed to forgive him but Neo’s and his crews responses were everything I thought they’d be. Great update!
1/9 c51 Guest
Really great chapter. Always looking forward to reading my all-time favorite story. Can't wait to see how Jaune and Neo are going to get back to good terms and how this sit down is going to play out.
1/9 c39 1Bloodline Purger
this is one of the best mobster fics I've ever read. the character development is fucking amazing
1/9 c51 Zander22122
Hey, I'm in Detroit this weekend. Just came up to see the Lions game. Was fun.
1/9 c51 Guest
I think the stays between you and me line for roman doesnt really work if junior knows. I thought the point was to keep it under wraps by a wide margin. Also j as an alias ozpin was gonna get jaune killed.
1/9 c51 Zero
Its done.
1/9 c51 3joecola00
Absolutely amazing chapter. I love how this is all shaping up!
1/9 c51 Guest
Looking forward to reading how Neo warms up to Jaune, definitely seems like it’ll be a long struggle.

Also the last sentence was a nice touch. Despite the strain on his relationships I like that Jaune seems at peace with himself.

I know Jaune telling O-Ushi and the twins is going to be serious as well, but I can’t help but imagine a scene where without explanation Jaune walks in all bloody and battered

Cardin: “Oh shit what happened to you!?”

Jaune: “I told the twins the truth.”

Cardin: “Oh. Yeah, seems about right.”

Jaune: “Yep”
1/9 c51 simm36
muy buen capitulo
las reacciones de todos fueron muy reales según sus personalidades en esta historia, aun que me hubiera gustado ver las reacciones de las gemelas.
1/9 c51 TheNineNerdGhouls
Wow. Jaune sure has a lot to deal with now! I don't know if this would be the right time, but I think the he should meet again with some other members of team RWBY or JNPR to throw a wrench in his plans.
It would be nice to have them talk about the vital festival and stuff and compare that to him that's bringing a gang war to an end while also backstabbing one of the most influential man on Remnant.
Show how much things had change, and reinforce even mire that he doesn't belong to that world anymore
1/9 c51 Hakaibrine
No plan survives first contact. Either Jaune and the family succeed in killing Nicky or Ozpin and Ironwood are successful in killing Roman and Junior. Either way it will be a very interesting development to watch happen
1/9 c51 Too much info
Your Story is Lacking in Stakes Bwcause We Know The End Result. Your problem is that you reveal too much the chapters With Jaune Talking With His Sister and Worse you Added Neo To Those Chapters. You Destroyed What Suspense and Stakes You have in The Story because You Were Not Vague Enough With the chapters involving Jaune Sister. In Simple words You Revealed Too Much for Concern to be shown or to keep us Thibking.. I'm concerned if that was response to people positively reponding to Jaune chemistry With Blake and potentialy Emerald and you wanted to shut that down Quickly.. but that in turn only hurt your story. But I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

Stay the Couse.. No point in Doing any Extreme changes in Story.. Just Do Better Next time if you make another story. If you make chapters that take place in Future Events Be Vague about it and only Leave Hints that Forshadow Events.

I'm just saying all this because I actually like this story
1/9 c51 Guest
You just proven my point that Jaume is better off with Blake.. understand neo Reaction.. But if it was not for Roman, Neo Would of Just Killed Jaune.

I just find it funny and stupid that when comes to double standards.. Women would nearly or kill men if that man was Traiotor.. but Female traitor in fiction Get Free Pass and/or get less of harsh consequences.

The point is if someome has to save you from your own female Love intrest that is not merciful..Then That Relationship Will Likely Not Work out.

I Know it is Too Late Considering Jaune and Neo arecAlready A Couple.. But That is Only Because You Forced The Pairing... But Perhaos While Neo and Jaune Relationship is Strained or They Breifly Broke up.. Jaune can Breifly be With Blake or Potentially Emerald or Just Focus on The Objective and Stay Alive

Opzin Really Failed Because Now Jaune is Forced To Live A Life of Crime.. He exploited a Desperate Teenager That Want To Become a Huntsman and Threw Him To The Wolves. Exactly How Does Sending A Naive 17 year old To Crimnal World sound like a Good Idea? I Know Opzin Lived A Long Time but he Knows There some Things he should not do.

The Reality Is That There is Nothing Honorable About Crime.. Though many are born into Crimnal Families

Jaune only Alive Becauase Roman has Soft spot for him ans Gave him the Benefit of The Doubt

Imagine what would Happen If Neo and Roman Killed Jaune right then and There... His Friends Would Probabaly Be Vengeful... or Roman Would Say Someone put A Hit on Jaune
I hope it actually goes well and the story starts moving into the "fall of Beacon" plotline with Jaune in a strong position for once. It would be a waste if for some contrived reason Ironwood and Oz knew Jaune is a triple agent and the whole thing goes to shit.
1/9 c51 3Sm0keyPanda
Jaune is finally taking a stand against Ozpin. Beautiful. Love the chapter, and the absolutely realistic sense of betrayal Neo feels towards Jaune, someone she's most likely fallen for, someone she trusted. This story is fantastically written so far, and I was on the edge of my seat the instant I saw this chapter released. Looking forward to more!
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