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10/15 c13 2I am vegito
thanks for the chapter broo it's fabulous...
10/14 c13 2Caellach Tiger Eye
Hehe… I’m definitely seeing the Jack Sparrow influence in Misty here; does she speak with the accent too? It’s only mildly difficult to envision, and definitely its own kind of fun. Like that we got a whole establishing scene of her personality before the group met her, and we can see she’s… not a bad person per se, but kind of manipulative. With a case of self-importance and some opportunistic kleptomania mixed in (and that might just sour Mikaela on her for pinching her TM and all). But probably not a bad person.

Funny that Cerulean, despite being a Water-type Gym, is traditionally landlocked while several other Kanto locations are on or near the sea (Vermillion, Fuchsia and Cinnebar); I didn’t give it much thought until now, with it having a harbour here (don’t remember if it did in the anime, was that in Chronicles), but I’ll allow it; maybe in this world it’s much closer to Bill’s lighthouse or something? Or Misty’s ship can travel underwater and the Cerulean lake near the Cave is connected to the ocean by an underwater cavern…? Doesn’t matter really, you do you. Just thought it was interesting to note. .

So, we’re getting a bit more of Ash bonding with his Pokémon further and affirming the relationships we got already: Meowth continues to be a real bro, while Riolu is a gutsy lass and Metapod is doing his best, bless his heart. And Rio seems to be pretty good at reading into people based on her seeing something in Cody’s body language… gee, I wonder what that could be? ;-) Anyway, it’s clearer how much having a friend has benefited both kids, and hoping to see more of it soon.

Meanwhile, everyone else is being themselves satisfyingly enough: Sam and his Pikachu remain the sanest members of the cast, Mikaela is a bigger dolt that Ash, and Maria’s just done with them all (but she still loves them just the same). Oak’s still bummed that Meowth won’t want to return to the lab, but he’s still encouraging of the relationship with Ash and is pleased that the boy he’s got a soft spot for is maturing on his journey (and gives him that upgrade sooner); the old coot is still as endearing as ever.

This was in some ways a transitional chapter, but it gets the characters on their intended courses more and sets up for the coming Gym Battle ahead. Keen to see where all that goes next time.

10/14 c13 3The Viking Stranger
I know this universe is different and weird but having Misty as a Pirate Captain? Brock as a wrestler? What's next? Surge is an Army Sargent? Wait, he already is one!

That being said, this is as fun as hell.
9/14 c6 Harrison
So, since Yellow (technically) made an appearance here, does that mean we'll see Red, or maybe other Game/Manga canon characters in the future?

Red in particular would be nice.
9/14 c3 Harrison
Wouldn't it have made more sense, since has Ash has Meowth, to give Team Rocket Pikachu instead?
9/14 c12 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job thank you
9/14 c12 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
good fight with team rocket atleast james won 10 bucks :D
9/5 c11 3The Viking Stranger
interesting, they're joined by the best champ Cynthia plus the starters from pokemon Arceus... nice with a Riolu too! I wonder who will he go with.

can't wait to see what comes next!
9/3 c11 17griffin blackwood
Nice chapter! Hopefully the new Pokémon don’t go to gary
9/3 c11 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
fun to see there adventure's in mt moon
guess ash can cal gary now a damsel in distress that needs saving :D
8/27 c3 8Detective Desires
I HOPE Jessie and James get a rehabilitation arc since you've split the team up like this. Otherwise, though, nice story.
8/22 c10 2Caellach Tiger Eye
Interesting… and this chapter pretty much confirms what I suspected about another of your stories; I wonder if anyone else was thinking the same, as nobody else mentioned it in their reviews. Then again, I can’t talk since I was not even reviewing your stories myself — I last reviewed around… 2017 I think? And only decided to try and find your profile again several months ago. Still, for anyone else not making the connection, I’m glad I was able to talk around it without spoiling things.

Honestly, of all your current stories this is the one I find the most interesting at the present, for various reasons. And the selling point (TR’s Meowth being Ash’s partner) might be one of them, but it’s not been even in the (admittedly undefined) top five given how the story has progressed up until now: we have a setting that is structured much like canon, the plot pacing and such is familiar and the key pieces are there, but when you look closer it’s a world that is more than just one or two divergences from the series we know.

Take Ash’s companions for instance, being based on characters from other continuities but not themselves natives of the anime setting (as far as we know); you’ve given them roles, backstories and the like which suit this story, while being evocative of their original inspirations, and nowhere is this truer than Maria. Granted I’m actually familiar with PokeSpecial’s Yellow, so I can actually place where she’s familiar and where not (living in Viridian Forest, not fond of battling, holds her long hair under the straw hat, Ratty the Rattata), but she feels nonetheless like the final piece of the Kanto travelling party here, like she’s essential to its composition and dynamic; she has her own place in the world which doesn’t intrude on anything or anyone seen so far.

This also kind of shows in how you seem to be reimagining Ash’s canon travelling friends: yeah, we’ve only seen Brock so far, but while his background is familiar his personality is unique to this iteration of the story; I’m guessing that Misty will take similar cues? Where this potentially intrigues me is, again, how you twist the familiar parts of the story: besides Meowth being here and the TRio having a Clefairy instead, besides Pikachu now being Sam’s (and Mikaela having the never-to-evolve Eevee), we have the Spearow that Ash antagonised in Episode 1… being his first capture instead, becoming the event on which he and Meowth start to bond. Later, despite him still getting a Caterpie, it’s instead Sam who catches the Pidgeotto; the encounter with the Beedrill swarm still happens, but with Maria (very loosely) playing the part that Samurai had, in that she shelters the group in her cabin… So, what will the various events from the anime become instead, with this here group? Who if anyone will capture any of the familiar Pokemon from those events: like the Zubats at Mt. Moon, the Starters, Krabby, Horsea/Psyduck, etc.? As shown by Spearow and Ratty, said captures don’t even need to be Pokemon that WERE caught; nor does every episode need to be done, or familiar to us (that of course is up to you).

Beyond all that, I’ll admit that the story is still kind of early stages, but I’m nonetheless enjoying how you’re establishing and developing the characters, their interactions, and how they impact and/or are impacted BY the world they inhabit. The payoff of Ash’s bestie should be great whenever it comes into play, and I’m curious about what his father’s story will turn out to be; also curious as to what McAdam’s deal precisely is (Psychic? Time Traveller? Something else, either more or less esoteric?) although I’m anticipating that he/his identical relatives will be recurring as the owner(s) of this coffee business, too.

And yes, I’m interested to see where this story leads to, and how it gets there. My references ti canon were only meant to demonstrate how you’ve been creative regarding where you deviate and how you alter things after all; if “An Unexpected Reunion” showed me anything about you, it’s that you are willing to break from the norm if it feels right to, and it always feels like it matters to the story you’re telling.

Take care, and you should be seeing me reviewing again sometime soon. Just keep at what you’re doing, it’s working out well so far.

8/13 c10 3The Viking Stranger
Is Cody related to Casey? Or is this one of those gender swap things that have been around lately? LoL.
8/12 c1 5hunter81095
Normally I don't bother with "Ash gets a different starter" fics, but I have never seen one where Ash gets Meowth as his starter.

About a million where he gets a Dratini, Riolu, Eevee or a traditional one, but never the TRio Meowth.

This one is actually really interesting.

I hope I enjoy this as much as I think I will.
8/12 c10 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent thank you
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