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8/12 c1 5hunter81095
Normally I don't bother with "Ash gets a different starter" fics, but I have never seen one where Ash gets Meowth as his starter.

About a million where he gets a Dratini, Riolu, Eevee or a traditional one, but never the TRio Meowth.

This one is actually really interesting.

I hope I enjoy this as much as I think I will.
8/12 c10 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent thank you
8/12 c10 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
nice to see a male version of that baseball team fan then the girl version in the anime
8/12 c10 17griffin blackwood
Nice work! Is Cody meant to replace Casey?
8/12 c10 Hashirama 1710
not sure how to feel about you replacing Serena with Casey who is for whatever reason pretending to be a boy
7/30 c1 Guest
It's such a simple change, but given Meowth's backstory I could easily see this being possible.

It's just a matter of the right person finding him and appealing to him first, which in this story Oak obviously did.

Meowth wanting a change from Oak after a while still seems to fit his character too. Like with canon Pikachu, Meowth's loyal once he understands how much Ash values him.
7/30 c9 Guest
Glad to see Ash win, although I certainly didn't expect the use of Caterpie either. Very creative.

I was half-expecting The Brock to join their journey at the end, like in canon, but I'm glad he didn't as I think this variation of Brock would get annoying after a while and lose his entertainment factor.

I'm curious whether Misty will be the canon one, albeit one who has never met or been affected by Ash, or whether you have another unexpected but hilariously genius variation in store like with Brock.
7/30 c7 Guest
I was expecting canon Brock. Boy was I proven wrong.

Hilariously entertaining and I loved every single second of it.
6/19 c9 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing
nice going with the battle and using string shot
6/19 c9 griffin blackwood
That was a nice lil update
6/19 c9 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent update thank you
5/5 c2 Hashirama 1710
hey are these the guys from the Gotcha! song? I love that song
4/12 c8 17griffin blackwood
That was a good way to introduce some of the variants
4/12 c8 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
good to see ash being smarter about the gym and teaching steel type move's
nice going with giving maria an alolan pokemon
4/11 c8 3The Viking Stranger
People often diss the Alolan variant as rip-offs and lazy writing, but I think it just makes things more interesting. I for one want an Alolan Raichu. I mean it's a surfing electric psychic Mouse, what more do you want?
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