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for Meowths In The Cradle

4/11 c8 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job
3/7 c2 epantoja521
That's fair, nothing major happens in the first few gyms until the 4th gym
3/7 c1 epantoja521
Meowth as the starter that's actually a good idea
i think this fic is pretty good so far never give up good luck!
3/4 c7 talesfanjmf
Yeah this chapter was certainly out there.
3/4 c6 talesfanjmf
Really liked Maria's name joke also nice to see her join the group.
3/4 c5 talesfanjmf
Looks like our heroes not only managed to escape the swarm but they also made a new friend.
3/4 c4 talesfanjmf
Ash still got Caterpie while Sam got Pidgeotto and Mikaela got a Weedle.
Appreciate the group dynamics like always and it really looks like Mikaela is no Brock.
3/4 c3 talesfanjmf
Clefairy was an interesting choice for the third TRio member.
That being said it was nice to know more about Sam and Mikaela.
3/4 c2 talesfanjmf
Well, it certainly seems like Ash is not gonna be traveling without human companions.
As for their names, I think you may have the Michael Bay Transformers movie somewhere in your subconscious.
3/4 c1 talesfanjmf
I have to say that having Ash starting with Meowth is an interesting idea abd this was certainly a good start.
3/3 c7 1Pinkypi
I like this story. You're being pretty creative and added a new travel group with different dynamics. I'd love to see more.
3/3 c7 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent update
3/3 c7 17griffin blackwood
That was a. Good use of verity
3/3 c7 3The Viking Stranger
The Brock being an incarceration of the effing Rock is hilarious and intriguing at the same time. We have Crasher Wake but, this guy may actually get the ladies.

I love this version. And it made me laugh a lot. Cheers Man!
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