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for Meowths In The Cradle

2/18 c6 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job
2/16 c6 3The Viking Stranger
Huh, so...
Yellow has joined the Party.

Pls don't tell she's got a Pikachu too, I mean it makes sense since she is from Viridian an there are a lot of the cheeky buggers there if you look long enough. But then again, if they all have Pikachu and an Eevee that's up to you as the author. We'll just see how it goes.

Also, the first Gym battle is going to be horrible isn't it?
2/16 c6 17griffin blackwood
That was a nice chapter
2/16 c6 6Hawkeye1991
This is awesome. I love it so much so far and cannot wait to read more :D
2/11 c5 3The Viking Stranger
So, this is gonna evolve into a party of 4 now? Interesting, now we have a bug specialist, and before you diss that, remember Aaron of Sinnoh is an elite 4 bug user. And Volcarona and Scizor are no jokes. So, we'll see.
2/8 c5 17griffin blackwood
I’m enjoying this so far! Keep up the good work
2/8 c1 griffin blackwood
This is so genius
2/5 c4 3The Viking Stranger
Yup... Mikaela seems to have a... Strange sense of humor.

And the mystery of the perpetually happy Eevee continues

Oh, and we have a Beedrill swarm to deal with... And no supercharged Pikachu to deal with it...
2/5 c4 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
1/26 c3 The Viking Stranger
That was unexpectedly sweet as combee honey... And touching. So Sam the G-man, Mikaela the breeder and Ash the league Champ.

Is it me or do you guys feel the pangs of destiny? And it's likely that they will stick with him more than go back like his other companions, Sam practically is on-site whenever something crazy happens and Mikaela would have the help of a talking Meowth and see things no one has seen before, from Legendaries to Uber rare Pokemon nesting sites. And Ash... Gets better help and may possibly win more... And less likely to do stupid due to concussions via Mallet on the head.

Keep going bro!
1/26 c2 The Viking Stranger
You effing mother effer... You used the characters from Gotcha ... And I love it! I've been trying to find a fanfic with them in it but no luck at all, then I find it here... Thanks a lot!

I've always wondered what would happen to have a Shikamaru-esqe trainer with an Aizawa faced Pikachu meets a Preppy Happy girl with a perpetually happy Eevee ang go on a Journey. Thanks again for making it a reality.
1/26 c1 The Viking Stranger
Funny how things work out with little what ifs...

He now has a translator than can basically learn a ton of moves naturally deadly to Ghost types and TMs of almost any type... Plus the pick up ability...

And a flying type that will be stronger than Pigiotto all the while wild and self trained.

Thins are definitely going to be interesting.

More please.
1/25 c3 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent update and the like cleffairy idea you gave to team rocket.
1/25 c2 NinjaFang1331
Nice work
1/25 c1 NinjaFang1331
Excellent first chapter
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