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for Pseudo Fragments: Ashwatthama

3/5/2022 c3 25kasumi misuto
as an Ashwattama's stan I really love how you described Ash's rage towards the Pandavas (especially Arjuna) in here. I really happy to find this hidden gem especially after playing his wholesome interlude with the RGB team XD. I'm looking forward for the next chapter.
6/24/2021 c3 Sinner and Redeemer
It's funny how Achilles is trying his best to defend his own pride and Ashwatthama doesn't seem to care.
6/13/2021 c1 truthful one
Hell yeah! Finally an Update!
6/13/2021 c3 snow.setsu
Ash came to me 3 times and I'm so glad he did ️
He's an absolute monster, yeah. I wish I have parvati, I really enjoy seeing Ash react to her lmao
6/13/2021 c3 4Arch-Daishou00
12/29/2020 c2 7iron maker2
Hello my name is Iron maker2. I really enjoy this fanfic. I am currently trying to write the continuation of Fragment of chaldea 2 (It going to be a mix of Ghostxavier, mine and abit of the game/manga of FGO).

Just came to say love this fanfic

Also true the way Drona died was messed up (for those who don't know. thinking his son had died, Drona was heartbroken and surrendered his weapons. Drona sat down, started to meditate and his soul left his body in quest of Ashwatthama's soul. Dhristadyumna (commander-in-chief of the Pandava army) took his sword and decapitated Drona, killing him. which means they literally killed a defenseless man)

can't wait to see what next.
12/29/2020 c2 King0fP0wers
It's you! Dammit man, what happened to your Rama fanfic? You left us on cold ice!
12/28/2020 c2 Guest
Parvati being the mom to Ashwatthama is quite the sight.
12/27/2020 c2 Setsu
That was beautifully (and hilariously) done.
I really enjoyed the shift of perspective, felt like a fresh air to the usual FoC. This way you can better show the whole picture, without having to make separate chapters.
Ash is my number 1 target to summon when LB 4 drop to NA, so i'm very very happy that you gave him spotlight XD
12/27/2020 c2 8King Keith
Hm...remind me never to steal Ashwatthama's food...also remind me to never steal Parvati's food too. ESSPEACALLY HER'S.
Ahem anyways onward to actually reviewing besides the little joke
I feel the characters are well written, also the fact Arjuna is building a sand castle and taking it over seriously is very amusing especially his partner joining his antics was amusing while Grey and other were relaxing. Anyways I feel the little fight here was a good representation of their little feud. Little well not so little from what I know. But I won't explain it here. But man the discription of the violent actions...I could literally see Arjuna skipping like stone.
I like forward on where you go with this and I wish you luck.
Also yes I did laugh my butt off, it helped soften and ready you for the violent action to come.
12/27/2020 c1 King Keith
I got say I get fragment like feel of this. Grammar wise I won't say much about it since it really is the beginning so I cannot judge at least devlopment wise or plot wise. I feel that everyone is in character after going through this bit several times. I like the potential conflict you put in the future with Annie's relationship status (which for her sake I hope it works out. That cinnamon roll needs some icing) If someone reads perhaps it may give them an idea unless you plan using it if you write another fragment involving an Indian servant, Though I would suggest a line break when shifting to another part of Chaldea or another view point. It is a do say? More appealing the eyes? But nevertheless I like development so far Ethe. I forward to the finished product very much since I know your specialties.

P.S Anishka cursing was the second best thing about this.
12/27/2020 c1 4Arch-Daishou00
Nice one man

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