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for Roller Brawl: The Mega Cyborg

10/17/2023 c22 Guest
I like this, and I want more!
6/8/2023 c22 3RonaldM40196867
Concrete Man Crushes!

Don't be Blue!
3/23/2023 c21 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Oh no… spyro is being played like a fiddle.
3/15/2023 c21 3RonaldM40196867
Spyro is the best dragon.
2/21/2023 c1 Guest
To EmperorWolfgang
Because the Archie Comics timeline was Mega Man 2, Super Adventure Rockman (Where Ra Moon recreated the Mega Man 2 rosters and built the Mega Man 3 Robot Master), AND then Mega Man 3.
2/21/2023 c20 1EmperorWolfgang
I’m a little confused. Mega Man III robot masters are present yet Mega Man III hasn’t happened yet, so why are they here?
2/21/2023 c20 alwynonlinereading
Wonder if there'll be more Skylanders on Dr. Light side and Wily side
2/21/2023 c20 3RonaldM40196867
Scary robots is common in sci-Fi.

Enjoy the day.
2/18/2023 c19 RonaldM40196867
Harm always happens.
1/5/2023 c18 RonaldM40196867
Werewolves love making noise.

Happy New Year!
11/28/2022 c17 RonaldM40196867
Wily is our man.
11/27/2022 c17 alwynonlinereading
Wonder if there are more Skylanders turned into Skyborgs besides Doc Light
I do look forward to Chop Shop, Drill Sergeant, Terrafin, Stealth Life or others
11/26/2022 c16 RonaldM40196867
Go Hex!
11/25/2022 c15 RonaldM40196867
Cynder sure loves living an exciting life.
11/23/2022 c14 RonaldM40196867
The armor is a nice plus.
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