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2/4 c10 3Solasnagreine
Such a happy ending, so much nicer than lots of people having to be assimilated! (oh no, they have that to look forward to? The meteor hit may be have been a happier ending after all XD )
Great little story. Thanks again for keeping us entertained. We look forward to more!
2/4 c10 12Kehlan
Oh nice one! Nicely done! A very pleasing end to what could easily have been a very depressing story. but you kept it just on the right side of that and delivered a satisfying conclusion.
And I still like that Ferengi!
1/31 c9 3Solasnagreine
A meteor shower, they are so luck in more ways than one! I hope the governments of their world work closer together after this global crisis. We can but dream the same will happen in our world!
1/26 c8 Solasnagreine
Brilliant! You made my day, nobody died! Thank you!
1/26 c8 12Kehlan
so the Al Semorans are going to survive? Phew! Good for the Ferengi!
1/22 c7 3Solasnagreine
Well it seems that the probe was meant to land exactly where the missile would hit, I'm assuming that is very deliberate on the part of Brack's client.
Is this your shortest chapter ever?
1/16 c6 Solasnagreine
Who ever Brack's client is they must have some clout!
1/14 c5 12Kehlan
I really like Allehandro and Latimah. I like the relationship between them and the way they realise that old conventions really don't matter anymore, yet they still do their duty. Let's see what happens next.
1/13 c5 3Solasnagreine
I could imagine things flying to the wind if you only had a few days before your planet blew up!
I wonder what they will end up doing, to tell or not to tell that is the question!
1/11 c4 7JDC0
Excellent intro of the Ferengi trio, an interesting complication. I am intrigued as to where this will go. The Ferengi themselves are well-portrayed too, albeit briefly.
1/10 c4 3Solasnagreine
I love the eccentricities of the Ferengi displayed through their attire, why do you always have to put something in that makes me feel ill? I dread to think what Ferengi feet look like!
"That would require him to think..." lol
1/9 c4 12Kehlan
Ooh, interesting. I knew the Ferengi were going to be trouble. Let's wait and see what they want...
1/9 c3 Kehlan
Oh dear, the Ferengi are always trouble.
1/9 c3 Guest
Drums fingers while endeavouring to wait patiently for an update... Solas!
1/7 c2 7JDC0
A captivating story idea - the ol' Prime Directive dilemma - and this is a solid opening to it. Introduces the concept and characters well. The Al Semorans are interesting as well; a culture only just embracing scientific advance while clinging onto the last embers of superstition.

I'm hooked!
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